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Plastic Injection Moulding Molding

Product Description Product Detail Yiot Procesion Plastic Injection Molding Enclosures Housing Plastic Mould for Electronic Getaway Contact Us TaiZhou Union Plastic Mould Co,.Ltd ADD : No. 26, MaoFeng Street, XinQian , Huangyan , Taizhou, Zhejiang, China post code : 318020 Tel/wechat :...
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Product Details

Product Description


Mold ShapingInjection Molding

Mold Life

300000-1000000 Shots
Sprue GateYUDO Runner, Hot Runner, Cold Runner, Pn-Point Gate, Submarine Gate, etc.
Mold Material  NAK80,S136,2316,2738,H13,5CrNiMo,718H,P20 etc
Mold CavitySingle / Multi Cavity or as per Request
Surface RequirementsTech Polish, High Gloss, Texture
Runner FormHot Runner / Cold Runner
Mold Size 380*350*300mm
Injection Machine90-120T
ProductProduct MaterialABS,PC,POM,PA,PVC,PP,PE,PC+ABS,PMMA,etc
Product Weight3.2g
Product Unit Price$0.15
Product Size28*36*20mm
Product Detail


why customer choose us?

World’s Leader Supplier Of Automotive, Car Plastic Parts and Moulds.

 Russia's IOT industry giants - Rubetek and IGLASS's gold Enclosure suppliers.

Professional Certification

Precision durable mold
6 CNC :  Precision 0.005mm
1 Three dimension: 1Precision 0.001mm 
1 wire drive slowly:  Precision 0.002mm 
2 Mirror discharge:  Precision 0.005mm
100% Guarantee Qualtiy
100% tested(Not Just Batch Tested)
SOP standard production
IQC(tested all in matical )-IPQC(tested first parts and prodcut)-FQC(tested finished parts)-OQC(Shipments) 
30 quality control people
Competitive Price And Service
Delivery Time:2-3 Weeks After Orders
Provide New Design For Customer Requirements
Free provide sample
Price cheap 10-20% than other same indursry
Can rerurn all mould cost  if order  600000pcs  product.
Maintenance and maintenance mould is in lifetime. other same indursry is only  3 months.
Tracking service for 24hour.



Yiot Procesion



Plastic Injection Molding Enclosures Housing Plastic Mould for Electronic Getaway 

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TaiZhou Union Plastic Mould Co,.Ltd
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