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What's The Difference Between The First Corner Method And The Third Corner Method?
Feb 15, 2019

(1), where the object is placed in the first quadrant, with {viewpoint}(observer) to (object) to (projective plane) relationship and projection view drawing, that is, called the first corner method, also known as the first quadrant method.

(2), where the object placed in the third quadrant, {viewpoint}(observer) to (projective plane) to (object) relations and projection view drawing, that is, called the third Angle method, also known as the third quadrant method.

Note: the difference between the first corner method and the third corner method is the view placement article.

Drawing the first corner: left view on the right, right view on the left, top view on the bottom, and so on...

Third Angle: left view on left, right view on right, top view on top, and so on...