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What Role Does Gas Play In Injection Molds?
Jul 03, 2018

As a flowing medium, gas has the property that liquid does not have, that is, the property that gas can be compressed. If there is no container limitation, the volume of the gas will not be limited. It is precisely because of the special nature of the gas that it has been widely used in the industrial field, such as gas can act as a medium for heat transfer: in the power plant, gas can be used to transmit force. Due to the wide range of air sources, most of the atmospheric components are nitrogen. Therefore, if there is no special demand in the industry, the required gas can be compressed air or nitrogen, which will help reduce pollution in industrial production and can be recycled.

Mold, process and molding resin materials are the three core components of injection molding technology. After the selection of the resin material, the design and process control of the injection mold has a direct impact on the quality of the shaped article. With the development of science and technology, gas is also used in injection mold structure and process control. For example, the mold release mechanism in the injection mold can adopt the method of gas ejection to realize the stripping action, so that the cylinder can realize the reset action; The compressed nitrogen re-forming filling stage is introduced into the cavity to maintain the pressure.

Since gas has been widely used in injection molds, it is particularly important to summarize the application of gases in various parts.