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What Is The Standard Development Process Of Injection Mold?
Mar 12, 2019

1. Draw mold drawing

Before drawing the mold assembly drawing, the process drawing should be drawn and conform to the requirements of the part drawing and process data. The dimension guaranteed by the next procedure shall be marked with the word "process dimension" on the drawing. If the molding in addition to repair burrs, do not carry out other mechanical processing, then the process diagram and the production drawing is exactly the same.

Had better mark below working procedure diagram piece number, name, material, material shrinkage rate, drawing scale to wait. Usually the process drawing on the mold assembly drawing.

Draw the general assembly drawing as far as possible using 1:1 ratio, first from the cavity to draw, draw the main view and other views at the same time.

The general assembly drawing of the mold shall include the following contents:

Mold forming part structure

Pouring system, exhaust system structure.

Parting surface and parting mode.

External structure and the position of all connectors, positioning and guiding parts.

Mark cavity height size (not required, as required) and overall mold size.

Auxiliary tools (mold removal tools, correction tools, etc.).

Make up the serial number of all parts in order and fill in the detail sheet.

Label technical requirements and instructions.

Technical requirements of the general assembly drawing of the mold:

Performance requirements for certain die systems. For example, the assembly requirements of ejection system and sliding block core pulling structure.

Requirements for die assembly process. For example, after the assembly of the mold, the fitting clearance of the parting surface shall not be greater than the parallelism requirements of 0.05mm on and below the mold, and the dimensions determined by the assembly and the requirements for such dimensions shall be pointed out.

Mold use, assembly and disassembly method.

Anti-oxidation treatment, mold number, lettering, marking, oil seal, storage and other requirements.

Requirements related to mold testing and inspection.

The sequence of drawing part drawing by mold assembly drawing should be: first inside and then outside, first complex and then simple, first forming parts, then structural parts.