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What Are The Factors That Affect The Mold Opening Of Injection Molding Machine?
Oct 06, 2018

What are the factors that affect the mold opening of injection molding machine?
Mold speed and movement distance
The distance that the mold moves during opening and ejecting shall be reduced so as not to waste moving time. Of course, the mold movement must be sufficient to allow the piece to leave the mold before the mold is closed again.
Therefore, the shorter the distance of movement needed to unmold the part, the less space it will spend. When the injection molding machine is in good condition, the transition from high-speed opening to low-speed ejection can be quite smooth.
Equipment requires some maintenance to achieve these speed changes, but these costs can be reduced from molding time, saving time and getting multiple returns. To achieve the minimum die movement time, adjust the speed limit switch so that the mold does not touch or damage the parts during the process and optimizes the high-speed section of the travel.
Proper periodic maintenance
Proper periodic maintenance to ensure that this deceleration can be repeated each time.
The pressure time of clamping die is another delay in the whole opening time of die. This time may be affected by mechanical wear and hydraulic valve failure, so periodic mechanical maintenance can maintain a good operating condition.

Matters needing attention:
· shorten the mold opening travel to the minimum necessary to make parts and runner off;
· eliminate any factors that make ejection difficult, such as the flanging around the thimble (swab);
· shorten the jacking journey to the minimum required;
· with the fastest mold opening and closing speeds, stop and close the mold properly and slowly to prevent damage;
· look for all closed dies and delays in generating clamping pressure, which represent mechanical or hydraulic valve failures;
· the large number of insert activities in the mold also increases the mold opening time. With a little consideration of product design (reduction of backlashes) it is often possible to make the ejection action automatic or semi-automatic.
· if the delay is caused by mold loss, it should be repaired to reduce the delay;
· good operating habits of injection molding machines will greatly improve the machine life and production safety.