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Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology Will Greatly Extend The Service Life Of Injection Mold
Aug 08, 2018


   Like any kind of machine, injection mould also need huge capital investment, which means that the mold maintenance and maintenance is very important Tovatech is a company founded by Bob Sandor, it is also American Elma brand ultrasonic cleaning machine dealers, used in scientific and industrial applications, the company responsible for providing customers with top science and technology support, aimed at seeking for the customer the ultrasonic cleaning machine digital scale medical refrigeration flow meter and moisture analyzer the correct solution In g, in PAM injection molding company, found that the use of ultrasonic cleaning mold can not only save time, and the results are better than other molds must be regular cleaning, to remove all the burn on the surface of wear, and vents of the residual plastic

    Before (left) and after (right) ultrasonic cleaning, the PAM injection mold can provide a variety of products for the automotive home lawn and garden market. In an interview with PlasticsToday,PAM injection mold manager Roger Wheeler said:In order to make different types of parts, many of our molds have interchangeable modules so that we can take the modules out and put them in the tank to thoroughly clean the sediment and gas between the modules. According to Roger Wheeler, the biggest benefit of ultrasonic cleaning is to save time.Manual cleaning the mould is very time consuming, and some areas are hard to wash to frankly, manual cleaning is impossible, because no matter how carefully you, for those complicated shape mould, we still can't to make a thorough cleaning and we use a biodegradable water soluble liquid, make it into the slot to loose the sediments and gas, which makes my job easy a lot if it is a manual need several hours to complete the cleaning task, so the ultrasonic equipment only 30 minutes to completeUsing ultrasonic cleaning method still can make the mold technicians to perform multiple tasks at the same time, Roger Wheeler added: "although some mould parts in the ultrasonic can, but now they can take the time to clean the mold base, this makes the work more efficient, to create higher quality parts PAM injection molding using the Elmasonic X - 550 industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, tra, Basic and equipped with a 15 gallons of storage tank, Roger Wheeler said.We often get the mould from other mold makers, but found that the mold condition is very poor so we took them apart and to clean thoroughly, and then put them in the press, to ensure that the ultrasonic cleaning can get high quality parts in a billions of microscopic cavitation bubbles implode in cleaning the surface bubbles is driven by connecting with stainless steel tank at the bottom of the generator when are produced by the transducer, transducer for more than a second kilohertz (kHz), the ultrasonic frequency vibration resulting in the tank bottom served for the manufacture of bubble filmPAM injection molded Elmasonic x-tra Basic 550 allows users to select the ultrasonic frequency of 25 or 45 kHz Wheeler based on the degree and toughness of the burnt plastic residue:For very hard sediment, our operator can activate the so-called pulse mode, it can send a more powerful shock waves to the bathtub, in order to quickly remove empty inhibition to capture the air in addition to the frequency and pulse, operation panel also allows the operator to set cleaning cycle and solution temperature Settings and, according to the actual parameters when reach the set temperature, the machine will start and run continuously, and can be in 12 hours or shut down automatically in solution temperature of 90 C PAM injection molding chose insulation pot cover, the purpose is to reduce noise at work, and to reduce the evaporation of the cleaning fluidThe life of injection moulds depends not only on how clean they are, Wheeler adds, but also on how long they last by keeping their surfaces clean