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The Trend Of Development Of Mould Technology In China From DMC Mould Exhibition
Nov 11, 2018

It can be seen from the recent two China international mold exhibition and the review and recommendation of national-level new mold products that the development of China's mold technology reflects the following development trends:

(1) mold integrated manufacturing unit and technology began to popularize. As the demand of customers for mould parts changes from single part to the combination of multiple parts and processes more and more, the integrated mould manufacturing units with various new functions emerge one after another. Mould in addition to the automatic feeding, stamping, laminated thickness measuring, grouping, combination of core and product output, the function such as hinge assembly connection, and the complex motion structure, mould heating, forging, local heat (organization) control, mould welding, tapping, inside local injection molding, die cutting, mould detection technology combination process. It is particularly worth mentioning that the new technologies in this exhibition, such as the in-mold hot spot of plastic parts, the in-mold hot spot of boron steel plate, and the changing edge punching and cutting of the motor pen shape iron core, have opened a new era of integrated manufacturing units of molds. Mold products continue to develop toward large, precision, high-performance, integrated manufacturing units.

(2) the commercial Internet extends to the mold and its industrial chain. The rapid development of "cloud manufacturing" and "Internet +" has made the commercial Internet break through the traditional business model of product sales and extend to the mold and its industrial chain. In addition to professional mold website "help mold network" and "fine mold network", traditional large retailers such as wal-mart began to extend to the manufacturing industry and its industrial chain. Many mold processing equipment enterprises are also connected to the Internet, actively creating the "mold manufacturing + Internet" model, which has strongly promoted the transformation and upgrading of the mold industry

(3)3D printing will be more widely used in mold manufacturing. The application of 3D printing to produce mold cavity is of great significance to the development of mold technology. For example, the GF processing scheme in its new product exhibition area shows the 3D printing mold cooling system. The combined manufacturing technology of metal extension-reduction is an important direction in the field of 3D printing. At present, the high-precision manufacturing of complex metal parts is realized through 3D additive forming combined with high-speed milling of thin profile reduction. This technology will be continuously promoted and applied in the field of mold manufacturing (also an important way of realizing mold intelligentization)

(4) the intellectualization of the mold is a new step. At this exhibition, the level of intelligent mold is rising rapidly, especially in the industry of plastic mold and die-casting mold. The mold with intelligent control of pressure, temperature, flow rate and cooling process of mold cavity has already appeared. In addition, the intellectualization of mold processing equipment is rapidly advancing the intellectualization of mold manufacturing, making the intellectualization of mold in China a new step.

(5) lightweight new materials bring new opportunities and challenges to automobile panel molds and large plastic molds. With the development of the automotive lightweighting, lightweight material emerge in endlessly, especially aluminium magnesium alloy, high strength steel, plastic, composite materials, the third generation of sandwich materials has become an important support for auto parts, technology of forming technology and die put forward very high requirements, especially for automotive covering parts mould and large plastic mould has brought challenges. Domestic mold enterprises have begun to respond to this change, the development of lightweight new materials vehicle cover mold and large composite mold

(6) large progressive die technology has become increasingly mature, with high speed and reliability becoming an important feature of precision progressive die. This die development, large progressive stamping parts everywhere, the size of parts, more and more complex shape, showing that the large progressive die technology into the mature stage. High precision and precision progressive die is more and more important to production stability and reliability. Obviously, the technology of die design and manufacture of superlarge forming parts and small super precision parts has become the hot spot that die enterprises pay attention to

(7) mold standard parts tend to be refined. In recent years, with the improvement of mold type and requirements, mold standard parts have become an important condition for mold enterprises to participate in international competition. More and more varieties of traditional standard parts and higher quality requirements. New functional structure standard units and standard parts with more manufacturing flexibility are also becoming more and more important, becoming a new direction for new technology and innovation to enhance competitiveness.