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The Secret Of Long Life Of Injection Mold Is Here
Aug 17, 2018

A production mold number 1. The above must face on the outside of die blanks (square iron) using milling machine processing mould number, word 40 mm height, the depth of 0.5 mm, font for line such as body (2) each piece on the template must be made with a word on the mold number, and the direction of unity 3. Mold all screw lift circle hole and mold parts must be in the metric system specification, and FuJiaGong mold fittings must be standard, ban on their own home-made both pry die a 1 each set of mold on the B plate (dynamic template) four corners milling pry mode, in order to FIT mould and die with three yards die by 1 Non work font embryos are needed in mold cavity milling yards, before and after the specific size according to size of mould design four yards each mold mold screw holes are on the moving mould base plate, on the pitch of die mould panel open yards for 2 size should be determined based on the injection machine five top 1 dynamic model bottom outs must have enough outs, Φ 25 ~ 40 mm diameter 2 small mould just open a top outs, medium-sized mold must open three top stick hole above, large mould is opened by five hole. 3 top stick size and position according to the actual injection machine size (size) design Six 1 each mold must be equipped with positioning positioning circle (that is, the positioning of the flange), in casual mode localization, 2 locating ring size is determined according to the injection machine wallboard aperture, and 3 set ring diameter tolerance is 0.2 ~ 0.4 mm, the protruding mould panel height minimum 8-10 mm, 4 mould and machine plate location ring (flange) the standard size of 100 mm - ^ 0.20-0.40 mm, seven reset device 1 when first thimble ejector with line ejection device interfere, must be on the die with complex device first, not rely on spring to reset the plunger plate