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The Processing Skill Between Subgloss And Light On Mold Surface
Sep 01, 2018

It is often required by customers that SBR rubber products have a glossy surface, the mold is a metal mold, and the mold temperature is 150 degrees centigrade. In view of the treatment between sublight and bright light, we propose the following two solutions: 1 mold treatment with aqueous semi-permanent sakurai tuomoji, per shift (8 hours) processing time, every time processing spray 4 layers, and then cured at 150 degrees Celsius before 10 minutes into the film, water sex sakurai tuomoji diluent (8 0 than) the weight of the spray layer 1 and then put on film production, every time stripping, all need to spray the diluent of release agent to do this, product surface significantly brighter than previous customer can accept 2 mold processing before each into the film, spray (sakurai) brand of water-based release agent of diluent (8 0 weight ratio), 1 layer, and then into the film production Plastic in the product significantly increased brightness