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The Original Injection Molding Machine To Test The Mold Like This?
Oct 01, 2018

When we receive a new mould to sample, we are always eager to try out a result earlier and pray smoothly to avoid wasting time and causing trouble.
But here we must remind two points: first, mold designers and manufacturing technicians sometimes also happen mistakes, in our mold testing if not vigilant, may cause great damage due to small mistakes. Second, the result of mold testing is to ensure the smooth production in the future. If the reasonable steps and proper records are not followed in the mold testing process, the smooth operation of mass production cannot be guaranteed. We emphasize that "the successful use of the mold will rapidly increase the profit recovery, otherwise the cost loss will be more than the cost of the mold itself".
Matters needing attention before mold test
1. Understand relevant information of the mold:
It is best to obtain the mold design surface, detailed analysis, and about the mold technicians to participate in testing.
2. Check the mechanical coordination on the work table first:
Care should be taken to see that there are scratches, missing parts, loose and other phenomena, whether the action of mold slide is true, whether there is leakage of water channel and air pipe joints, and if there are restrictions on the opening of the mold, it should also be marked on the mold. If the above actions can be done before the die is hung, it can avoid the problem found when the die is hung, and then the time wasted when the die is removed.

3. After determining the proper operation of each part of the mold, select the appropriate injection molding machine, and pay attention to the selection
(a) injection capacity
(b) width of guide bar
(c) maximum start
(d) accessories
Complete, etc. After everything is confirmed to be ok, the next step is to hang the mold. When hanging the mold, please be careful not to take off all clamping formwork and the mold before opening, so as to avoid the mold falling due to loose clamping formwork or breakage.
After the mold is installed, check the mechanical action of all parts of the mold carefully. And pay attention to the discharge nozzle and feed nozzle alignment. The next step is to pay attention to mold closing. At this time, the pressure of mold closing should be lowered. In manual and low-speed mold closing, please pay attention to whether there is any unsmooth movement and abnormal sound.

4. Increase mold temperature:
According to the properties of raw materials used in the finished product and the size of the mold, select a suitable mold temperature control machine to increase the mold temperature to the required temperature in production.
After the mold temperature is raised, the movements of each part should be reviewed again. As the steel may be stuck due to thermal expansion, the sliding of each part should be noted to avoid the occurrence of tension and vibration.
5. If there is no experimental plan rule in the factory, we suggest that only one condition can be adjusted at a time to distinguish the impact of single condition change on the finished product.
6. According to different raw materials, the adoption of the original freely do moderate baking.
7. Mould test and future mass production shall use the same raw materials as possible.
8. Do not test the mold completely. If you have color requirements, you can arrange the test.
9. Problems such as internal stress often affect secondary machining. The pressure of mold closing should be adjusted after the mold is closed slowly after the mold is stabilized after mold testing.