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The Method Of Insulation Of Injection Mold
Aug 02, 2018

           Mold temperature is the most to the injection molding variables - regardless of what kind of plastic injection molding, must make a commitment to form the basic mold surface moist heat the mold surface make plastic surface liquid for a long time, enough within the cavity pressure if the cavity filling and before the frozen skin sclerosis, cavity pressure can be soft plastic pressure on metal, then copy on the surface of the cavity are high, on the other hand, if in low pressure into the cavity of the plastic suspended, no matter how short time, it can cause slight contact with metal, is sometimes called the gate blotch For each kind of plastic and plastic parts, there is a mold surface temperature limits, more than the limit of one or more adverse effects may appear (for example: components can overflow burrs) mold temperature means higher flow resistance smaller


          In many injection molding machine, this natural means faster through the runner and cavity, because the injection flow control valve is not correct the change, will fill faster in the runner and cavity caused higher effective pressure may cause flash flash because more heat model does not freeze the before the high voltage into the area of the plastic material overflow edge, molten material can flash flash around the ejector rod and spill over into the inside line gap indicates that need good injection rate control, and some modern flow control programmer can do this, too Usually, the mold temperature will reduce the rise of plastic in the cavity is condensing layer, make molten material within the cavity flow more easily, to gain more weight and better surface quality of parts At the same time, the improvement of mold temperature will cause the parts increase tensile strength

        Mold heat preservation method many mold, especially engineering thermoplastics, running at a relatively high temperatures, such as 80 degrees or 176 degrees Fahrenheit if the mould no heat preservation, drain into the air and the heat injection molding machine can be easily and shoot as much material cylinder loss so will die a skeleton board insulation, if possible, will the mould surface heat insulation if consider using a hot runner mold, try to reduce the hot runner section and cooling the heat exchange between the injection molded parts this way can reduce the energy loss and preheating time