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The Intelligent Mold Represents The New Development
Nov 22, 2018

Mould industry in China develops very fast in recent years, according to incomplete statistics, in 2004 China's mold production ChangDian is about more than 30000, employees 800000 people, 2014 mould industry maintained good momentum of development, mould enterprise overall order enough, task full, about 8 m mold enterprises and manufacturers, employees 2 million people, the national mold output increased from 61 billion yuan to 1.8 trillion yuan

At the same time, this also indicates that China's mold production technology has greatly improved, some mold production level has been close to or reached the international level. In 2005, the import of moulds reached 2.068 billion us dollars, up by 14.07% over the previous year. In 2013, China's mold export exceeded us $2 billion, an increase of 50.31% over the previous year. In 2005, the import/export ratio was 2.8:1, which was more reasonable than 3.69:1 in 2004. In 2013, the total import and export of molds in China exceeded 5 billion yuan. It is believed that China's mold industry will still have a great growth in 2014. Of course, the mold with high technical content is still the focus of national development. Among more than 80,000 mold enterprises, there are more than 100 mold enterprises whose output value exceeds RMB 100 million, and there are thousands of medium-sized enterprises whose output value is between RMB 50 million and RMB 100 million, and those whose output value is around RMB 20 million account for a large proportion

Due to the improvement of the overall mold level, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry with intelligent mold as one of the products and the enterprises that help the mold enterprises to produce will strongly support the rapid development of China's high-end equipment parts manufacturing and other fields. Compared with traditional moulds, intelligent moulds have obvious advantages such as high technical content, high added value, long service life, wide application range and large market space. Although the total amount of intelligent mold is not large at present, it represents the new development direction of mold technology, and will play an increasingly important role in the product structure adjustment and development mode transformation of the industry

The development of intelligent mold is not only a new requirement of the manufacturing industry for the mold industry, but also a driving force for further development of the mold industry. Therefore, it is bound to become the development direction of the mold industry in the future

At present, China's mold industry has entered the high-speed development period. The most concentrated area of mold production is in the pearl river delta and Yangtze river delta, and its mold output value accounts for more than two-thirds of the national output value. At present, China's mold industry has developed into a distinctive mold industry cluster production base, which provides a platform for the scientific development of mold enterprises. At the same time, the enterprise's innovation ability is also continuously improving, has many independent intellectual property rights, in the future our country mold enterprise will have the stronger competitive power