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The Biggest Part Of Mold Deformation Is Out Here...
Sep 23, 2018

At present, new technologies such as edm, forming grinding and wire cutting have been applied in mold manufacturing, which can solve the problems of machining and heat treatment deformation of complicated mold. However, these new techniques have not been widely used due to various conditions. Therefore, how to reduce the mold's heat treatment deformation is still an important issue.
Generally, the mold requires high precision, and after heat treatment, it is not convenient or even impossible to be processed and calibrated again. Therefore, after heat treatment, even if the microstructure and performance have reached the requirements, if the deformation is too poor, it is still useless because it cannot be saved, which not only affects production, but also causes economic losses.
The general rule of heat treatment deformation is not discussed here. The following is a brief analysis of some factors affecting mold deformation.

Effect of mold material on heat treatment deformation

The influence of mold geometry on deformation

Effect of heat treatment on mold deformation