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The 5 Elements Highlights Non-mark Injection Mold Design
Aug 13, 2018

At present, most of the appearance parts of household electrical appliances are formed by injection molding.Highlights non-mark mould can remedy the defects below we'll take a look at ten elements a specular highlights non-mark injection mold design non-mark injection molding principle 1. The high temperature molding for high temperature (about 80-130), after injection into the pressure switch to cooling water, make the mold temperature dropped to 60-70 higher mold temperatures under pressure forming is conducive to eliminate the defects such as stresses in the weld line flow mark products so the mold need to heat treatment at work, in order to prevent heat loss, usually in the side and heat shield2. The cavity surface (generally for high specular level 2 or higher) highlights the mold to produce a product can be directly used for installed (assembly), any need to surface treatment so it is very high to the requirement of mold steel and plastic material (3) hot nozzle of hot runner system more each hot nozzle must take sealing needle and have an independent airway, alone to be controlled by electromagnetic valve and time relay, realize time-sharing into glue, thus achieve the purpose of control or even eliminate welding scar, complex control mode 4. Heating of the heating mode of mould is usually steam (hot water) heating and electric heating rod (tube) heating two kindsThe steam (hot water) heating method is to feed steam (hot water) into the mold during the injection process through a special temperature control machine, so as to make the mold rapidly warm up.After injection with cold water cooling mold, the mold fast way to electric heating, cooling and heating water temperature control machine, on the principle is the same, is the source of heat, electric heating is a secondary energy, heating water is three times the energy, according to the principle of electrical heating energy loss, high efficiency energy saving efficiency good convenience so say: if the product is by electric heating plate (surface) way to wisdom


1. The molds with common requirements on product surface can be used :NK80(datong, Japan), etc.; 2. High-light required materials :S136H(Sweden) CEANA1(Japan), etc. 3.NK80 shall not be quenched; S136H shall be hardened to 52 degrees after roughing. CEANA1 has 42 degrees and does not require quenching (it is recommended to use this steel as it will not affect subsequent processing or modification). 4. There is also a good choice in Germany ge Leeds brand: CPM40 / GEST80 


1. The size of the channel aperture is designed with the size of 5-6mm;Use 1/8 or 3/8 of the teeth (mold side) for the nozzle and 3/4 of the screw thread (old-fashioned connection) for the other side.Stainless steel pipe for pipe fitting materials;Now we change it to one in and one out, and the branch port is best made in the mold. The energy diameter of the interface is connected with DN25.Picked the big has influence to the mould heating time, choose the small waterways have an effect on the strength of the mould parallel products surface need to average the well arrangement (precursor equidistant distribution center 15 mm) thermocouple should be designed in the middle of the two channel depth in more than 50 mm, less than 100 mm, depend on the mould structure and flexible to master each mold PT100 is a match, to maintain its accuracy, must put it into the mold cavity die within the kernel, and fixed with the outside of lead to the mold, then connected to the outlet temperature control machine 3. Die channel connector design die channel connector must be designed in the mold side or up and down the back end;The operation side (on the side of the person standing) is not allowed to have the channel inlet and outlet or the pipe arrangement, to avoid the pipe rupture soup injury production personnel to remember!4. The inlet and outlet nozzle design of the mold adopts the design of split plate at the inlet and outlet of the mold. The temperature control system of the hydrothermal mold only has one in and one out interface, so as to reduce excessive water pipe connection and reduce unnecessary heat energy loss.5. The construction hole of the construction hole of the mould (no hole) should be blocked with a plug to ensure no leakage of air. The method is to use copper plug first, followed by taper throat teeth and heat-resistant glue to seal the hole.Specular mould for cooling channel configuration is more exquisite (water hot mould waterway is common), good channel configuration not only can greatly improve the efficiency of injection molding, and also play an important role in improving the quality of its products highlights mould waterway is not only to uniform and must be fully (should have enough quantity) so to mould heats up quickly;At the same time, using the extension pipe directly to the mold core water lead to not use sealing ring, can help to prevent long-term operation under high temperature, the sealing ring aging, also can reduce many mold maintenance cost value is, highlights the mold of the transporting pipe must have a high temperature resistant material (250) corrugated pipe high pressure 1.6 Mpa bellows, to prevent the pipe burst of high temperature and high pressure For circular products adopt circular water;For the strip products, the parallel water transportation channel is adopted. For the products with large height difference, the water well is adopted.4 mould heat insulation system is adopted for special-shaped products with three-dimensional water transportation from the outside to the outside of the product.There should be a certain gap between the mold frame and the insert core (according to the thermal expansion coefficient of the mold material, 1mm on one side) to prevent the expansion of the mold frame, so as to reduce the contact surface of the mold core on the mold frame and minimize the heat energy loss.Mold core and the frame of locking the oblique type or other similar way, front end USES the heat insulation effect of dust resin or other material (such as asbestos board) 2. The design frame of the frame and the detailed structure with core, frame of the cooling water is very important, in order to prevent cavities in the heat transfer to the frame, near the guide pin location, up and down the arrangement of a circle water 3. Guide sleeve design guide bush moving parts as far as possible with graphite materials or the guide pillar front avoid empty processing, cooperate with as long as the guarantee of 25 mm length is enough;Five mold runner design mold runner design as much as possible to reduce the weld mark, and is helpful for exhaust and reduce shear to adopt heating water temperature control machine mould, the gate size to open a bigger one and try to use big gate into the glue, in does not affect the product function and forming efficiency, the gate depth should try to shorten the length width 1. The gate is too small if the gate is too small, easy cause insufficient fill (short shot) apparent defects such as shrinkage depression weld line, and the molding shrinkage increases 2. The gate is too largeAround the gate is too large, the gate produced good residual stress, lead to produce deformation or fracture, and the gate removal processing difficulties, etc Had better choose a gate, unless the ultimate resin flow more than the actual length of flow chart, will be provided on a certain material flow length of molding conditions Multiple gate often produce weld line and weld marks In addition to the long narrow products, using the single gate will ensure a more consistent material temperature pressure distribution, in order to better cooperate Six mold exhaustAs far as possible, the product is separated by 10mm as a segment around the product, evenly distributed with open air vent, with a depth of 0.15mm.Products cover also need exhaust design in the middle Seven mold parting surface Because highlights mould temperature has a great gap, so the cover with the demand is higher, at the same time to reduce the face area, there are 10 mm near the parting surface with enough eight element (tube) highlights mould design 1 at the gate up and down side to have electric heating rod (tube), coolant passages in general is 6 mm (better);The central distance between the two water holes is 15-20mm.The distance between the heating rod wall and the product surface is 5mm, and the central distance between the two heating rods is 20mm.Cooling water in the heating stick wall distance is 6 to 8 mm, conditional word with electric heating rod with best configuration within 2 cavity water can use high temperature resistant seal seal or using hard seal 3 heating bar diameter is 4.92 mm, the mould design is 5 mm, assembling element with 5 mm before the heating rod thimble grinding blade burr removing 4 mold with steam heating water in and out of the mouth place mold as the shunt board design (cooling water), because the electric mold control system has only one into a water pipe 9 highlights the mold for the product requirementsHighlights the mold is very strict with product structure, the light refraction effect is more sensitive to light products, the surface a slight defect will be found soon, so how to solve the problem of shrinkage is the chief problem of specular products General products rib thickness is less than the main body of a thickness of 0.6 mm times will not shrink, or shrink small not easy to be found, negligible But for specular products, such a request is not enough, still need the product the thickness of the rib reduce to less than the main body glue thickness 1 times, for the screw column a crater type inclined roof structure must also do ten highlights mode selection of plastic materialAt present commonly used specular plastic material is ABS + PMMA and ABS + PC and PMMA ASA as commonly used casing material, ABS + PC products in terms of resistance to impact the surface glossiness and hardness are better than HIPS, so in the production of high products, is usually selected highlights ABS material for weather resistance, can choose ASA can be, in terms of hardness may choose PMMA alloy material under the specific said the ABS material