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Take The Residue In The Die By Accident
Sep 16, 2018

1. Squeeze the product into the gap of the mold with the brass plate, and pry the product out of the mold cavity. However, this method should be used carefully for non-ferroalloy mold.
2. For this purpose, the injection molding machine should be equipped with brass plates (such as 3MM thick, 300MM wide, front-end cupped brass plates).
3. Replacing with a screwdriver will cause major damage to the mold.
4. For products that can neither be cut off nor cracked, tap directly into the products with the brass plate mentioned above with a hammer. However, this may cause the surface of the mold cavity to be concave, so only the surface of the product and the model can be cracked.
5. In order to cut off the products, there is also a way to directly heat them with a blowtorch, which is only effective for large occasions. But be careful to stay away from combustible materials. For small applications, use the "point 4" method of removing residual material in the nozzle.
6. If there is a small part of the product residue that cannot be removed by any means, use the solvent of this material (such as acetone, etc.) to smear on it, and knock out with brass rod after dissolution.
7. Remove the surface of the mold cavity of the residual products, scrub with cloth and spray the mold release agent. However, we should pay attention to the effect of demoulding agent on the secondary processing (coating, dissolving, etc.).