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Status Of Precision Stamping Die Technology In China In 2018
Nov 16, 2018

Stamping die is a special process equipment which processes materials (metal or non-metal) into parts (or semi-finished products) in cold stamping processing. Stamping is a kind of pressure machining method to obtain the required parts by applying pressure to the material at room temperature with the mold installed on the pressure machine, which can cause separation or plastic deformation

In recent years, the overall technical level of advanced precision stamping die has been rapidly improved, and its die technical level, manufacturing precision, service life and manufacturing cycle performance indicators have been significantly improved, and the overall level of a considerable number of high quality die has reached or close to the level of international similar die. For example, the service life of the air-conditioner fin-level progressive die produced by the company can reach 500 million times. The manufacturing precision of 0.4mm spacing high-precision micro-connector progressive mold developed is up to 0.5, and the minimum convex mold 0.13mm is directly grinded to reach the mirror surface, which ensures the requirements of high precision such as 0.17mm at the most delicate part, 0.01mm bending precision and s-shape bending. The motor iron core automatic lamination progressive die produced by the company, the service life can reach more than 150 million times. The professional production level and capacity of 0.5m diameter large iron chip progressive die, 0.88m square iron chip composite die with 90 rotation, and 1.2m diameter fixed rotor die are in the leading position in China

urgently needed to be exhibited can meet the rapid switching production of 5 kinds of sheet forms, and has certain flexible production characteristics. The mold level is equivalent to the international advanced level. The lead frame 37 work station progressive die, one three rows, in the 1212mm inner and outer lead leg, minimum spacing 0.12mm, product flatness within 0.01mm. Its high speed batch production performance and life is equal to the international advanced level, and obtained the structure innovation patent