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River Steel Successfully Produces High Alloy Prestiff Plastic Die Steel
Nov 07, 2018

Recently, the thick plate production line of river steel tangshan iron & steel co., ltd. successfully produced P20 products of high-alloy pre-rigid plastic die steel for the first time. The rockwell hardness reached 30-36hrc, which is the highest hardness product ever produced in this production line

Since this year, tangshan iron & steel co., ltd. has taken the medium-thick plate production line as an independent unit facing the market, built a technology research and development platform, stimulated the vitality of the production line, and made breakthrough progress

High alloy prestiff plastic mold steel P20 is a medium thick plate product with high technical content and high added value. It has high thermal hardness and wear resistance. Because this product requires very strict uniformity of hardness, the temperature system for subsequent heat treatment process is extremely high. At present, only a few enterprises in the industry have production capacity, so the product has high price and great market demand

The technical staff of the technical center of tangshan iron & steel group co., LTD., and the sales staff of medium thick plate co., LTD., investigated the intensive areas of mold manufacturing enterprises in east China and south China, accurately identified the mainstream demand of users, and targeted the development of pre-rigid plastic mold steel for high alloy products. According to the high requirements of high end users for product flaw detection performance, the technology center gives full play to the advantages of advanced equipment such as continuous casting under pressure and electromagnetic stirring, and ensures product performance through timely cooling in the rolling process and increasing the cutting deformation of rough mill. In addition, the inspection is carried out through the slow cooling process, and the inspection is conducted according to the non-destructive inspection standard of heavy machinery with higher requirements than the national standard of grade 1 in GB/T2970 to ensure that the product fully meets the user's requirements