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Reduce The Cost Of Mold 6 Big Kill!
Dec 07, 2018

Today, let's discuss the control of mold cost.

First of all, one of the most basic questions, what is the cost of mold? When I gave a lecture somewhere, some friends answered me without thinking: mold cost is mold material fee + processing fee + tax. Of course, there are labor costs, we can think of labor costs are included in the processing fees, and of course, design costs

In a narrow sense, that's a good answer, but I'm going to ask, since that's the answer, what other way to control or reduce costs than cutting corners and tax evasion?

This is a joke. To really control the cost of the mold, we must carefully analyze the various factors that affect the cost of the mold

First, reasonable design of products

I'm sure a lot of people don't agree with me. Product design is reasonable or not, how can be the biggest factor affecting the cost of the mold. You see, the first foot, kick the ball to our whole car factory came, but you think carefully, if the product design is unreasonable, to mold enterprise, is how a circumstance, that is a disaster. I have been working on moulds for more than 40 years. Sometimes the cost of moulds increases exponentially without good communication between the product engineer and the mould designer in order to achieve an inverted button on the product

Second, product design changes

Thirdly, whether the mold design is perfect

The first is the rationality and machinability of mold design.

he second case is design waste

Fourth, as far as possible to reduce the number of mold testing

The first is that the mold design has not been fully reviewed by the collective

The second is to test the mold without selecting the best molding process and injection molding machine

The third is a lack of understanding of the physical properties of plastics

Fifth, mold materials and standard parts procurement

Sixth, the product is qualified

To sum up, in order to effectively control the cost of molds, we must do the reverse:

Reasonable product design, minimum design changes, perfect mold design and processing procedures, good communication between product engineers and mold engineers