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Processing Technology Of Precision Injection Mold Cavity Parts
Jul 03, 2018

For precision injection molds, the hardness of the cavity parts is generally required to be one, sometimes higher. The processing methods that can be used after heat treatment are limited to special machining such as grinding, electric machining and chemical corrosion. Although it can also be processed by CNC milling and machining centers, the cost of the tools is expensive. The key point of the process is how to divide the processing. Prior to heat treatment and which are placed after heat treatment to minimize cost, increase efficiency and ensure quality.

Due to the variety of plastic parts, the structure of the cavity parts is also very different. Different from the template, the process of simply describing a cavity part has no universal significance. Our opinion is that firstly, some high-quality alloy steel with small heat treatment deformation should be selected on the material selection, so that for smaller parts, it can be used before heat treatment. The processing is in place, and after vacuum heat treatment, the finished part is simply polished. Secondly, for general parts, such as screw holes, water channel holes, push rod pre-holes, etc., they need to be processed before heat treatment, leaving a finishing allowance on the cavity and core surface. Third, as with the process of the template, the reference conversion work before and after the heat treatment is performed. The process route of the cavity member can be set as rough, semi-finished or milled, heat treated, refined, electromachined or surface treated, polished, and the like.

In order to ensure the quality of the injection mold, in addition to improving the design level, it is essential that the process layout is very good. The good process arrangement is the premise of high-quality injection mold. In order to improve the quality of the injection mold, the process level must first be improved.