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New Type Packing Rubber Die
Sep 24, 2018

In order to reduce the production cost, a suppression of bf is developed to 4 cubic rubber impeller flotation machine rotor of a new filling pressure type rubber mold, change before fill in the pattern of die structure is simple, the mold design is novel, unique, complicated structure, the effect is good, not only reduce the production cost, also addressed the original manufacturer product skeleton plastic bags not divide evenly, quality fluctuation big shortcoming.

The mold is designed as a whole mold to facilitate filling, loading and unloading. The mold is designed as upper, middle and lower three molds, two parting surfaces, one core shaft and six whole core molds. The middle mold is made into a whole, which is convenient for processing and can get the maximum strength under the most economical condition. Because the upper and lower concave surfaces of the rotor are opposite, the distance of the disk surface decreases linearly from the center to the outer circle. In order to facilitate mold opening, the core mold is designed as upper, middle and lower parts. In the process of mold closing, due to the increase of pressure, the core mold will move up and down as the glue flows, resulting in uneven thickness of upper and lower plates and vertical teeth, and uneven skeleton coating, which not only affects the appearance but also reduces the quality. Therefore, how to fix the core mold becomes a key issue for the success or failure of the mold.

Local vulcanization, in the case of unobstructed overtopping, part of the pressure will accumulate in the upward overflow of the permeable pores, because vulcanization adhesives can hardly adhere to cross-linking, so the defects of folds and deep joints will appear at the permeable pores. In order to avoid this defect, it is necessary to solve the problem of gluing, that is, how to position the middle mold and the lower mold parting surface.
In order to make the rubber flow smoothly, the parting surface can only be fixed at the bottom surface, and the bottom surface of the bottom surface can also meet the requirements, but the core mold cannot be fixed to move down. The upper part of the lower disk can not only meet the requirements, but also keep the core die from moving down. Therefore, the lower die is made into a shape similar to the upper die, and the lower part is symmetrical.

Conclusion (1) the structure of the impeller rotor of the floatation machine is complex and the manufacturing process requires high requirements.
(2) the skeleton is a welding piece of thin iron plate, which is easy to be deformed when the joint is pressed. Therefore, high precision is required for machining, especially for the vertical degree of upper and lower plates and cone sleeves.
(3) the permeable holes are easy to be small and dense while ensuring the strength of the skeleton.
(4) the location of the parting surface must be taken into consideration whether the overflow is smooth, which should not only ensure the smooth flow and convenient exhaust, but also ensure that the product has sufficient density after mold closing.
(5) there should be an overflow groove and a mold opening on the parting surface.
(6) the fixation of core die is the key to ensure the uniform thickness of upper and lower plates and the uniform adhesives of skeleton.
(7) the mold is characterized by all the upper, middle, lower and core molds, and the core molds are divided into upper, middle and lower pieces, with molds in the mold.
(8) the mold shall be welded with lifting lugs for handling; When used, should be placed on the tray or equipped with roller, so that in and out of the vulcanizing machine.
The mold has novel design, unique shape, complex structure, stable performance, reliable product quality and good effect. After many times of comparison and experiment, the core mold, middle mold and upper mold were finally set, and the fixed core mold of the upper mold and middle mold was moved up and left and right, the result was very ideal.