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Mould Layout Inspection Several Project
Sep 09, 2018

Professional to remind the mould layout inspection project is an important link, in front of the mould layout design, want serious analysis and study on the layout design is completed will review repeatedly, to prevent the cracks, once found, to improve design and correct errors in different parts of the layout to the inspection and the content is not the same In general, the mould layout inspection project has the following several kinds of 1 check whether there is no need to open In the die strength and meet the requirements under the condition of assembly position, should try to reduce the empty station 2 check whether the material utilization ratio is the best utilization scheme 3 dimensional precision parts can guaranteeDue to strip material feeding accuracy, positioning accuracy and precision mould will affect the correlation dimension deviation of parts, for high precision connection parts size, should be in the same location on the forming, or other measures should be taken into account to ensure the precision of parts such as on the flatness and vertical degree of the product requirements, except on the mold structure should pay attention to, should add the necessary process (such as plastic, the school equal) to ensure that more than four die structure of progressive die adaptive structure for monolithic, sectional or submodule spellers type, such as mold structure is determined should check whether the layout is adapted to the requirements of 5 bentDeep drawing forming process, such as forming, due to the flow of material, can cause material flow OuDeKong and shape distortion The material flow OuDeKong and shape should be placed in the deformation process, or increase the dressing process From the above to keep an eye on the project, the reliability of the strength of carrier, the parts have been forming parts have any effect on feeding, burr direction to the bending deformation, the curved line of the bending parts material grain to the vertical or 45, etc., these small also need to check in place"