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Mould Laser Welding Machine Helps The Industry Leap Forward
Aug 26, 2018

Mould laser welder makes mould repair industry has a qualitative leap Before it appeared, most of the traditional mold repair using the argon arc welding technology It in repair welding with fine surface heat affected area is large, intricate and follow-up work Mould laser welding machine based on laser high heat energy and focus point of welding technology, effectively handle all small parts of the welding and repair work, not only greatly improve the work of repairing effect, and saves the manpower, improve the working efficiency Mould laser welding machine will become the mainstream because: 1 it's high weld quality, and no pores, thus reduce and optimize the parent metal impurity 2 weld line strength toughness of material, and organize the control precision of laser welding can be refined after welding, small focusing spot, realizing the automation of high precision positioning 3 mold accurately the energy of the control function of laser welding and welding it thus can realize the precision component can be applied to a lot of metal, especially can solve some difficult to weld metal and the welding of dissimilar metals 4 in the end, it has high depth ratio, weld width is small, small heat affected zone, small deformation, welding speed, etc Equipment performance is stable, can work 24 hours