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Mould Electric Erosion Processing Knowledge
Aug 30, 2018

Hole erosion is the formation of small pits on the surface of remetal. Another type of clothing is total corrosion. For example, iron rusts when exposed to air and water.Silver is exposed to the air to lose its luster and there is also a corrosion called stress corrosion, which is the product of tensile stress combined with the corrosive environment. So what is electric corrosion?Often ignored by moulding industry a call galvanic corrosion of people is often mistaken for electrolysis electric erosion refers to two different kinds of metals in a corrosive electrolyte generated when the coupling of damage when this happens, the reaction inert () can not resist the corrosion of metals into the anode (the anode), it the corrosion speed is much faster than the speed of metal corrosion at ordinary times;And good inert metal became the cathode (negative), its corrosion speed at this time to much slower than the speed of metal corrosion at ordinary times That happened after the mold from the plating bath electric erosion is one of the most common type of corrosion Will, for example, aluminum into the a nickel plating solution in the the aluminum and didn't do still have a few small pit surface reforming the two obviously different processing aluminum and nickel metal tied together However the precipitation of nickel aluminum pit concave space than other parts of the aluminum nickel precipitation less, so it is exposed to the concave pit nickel, now only a electrolyte electric erosion occurs How to prevent electric erosion?First, make sure you know about electrical erosion should be avoid electric erosion is the most commonly used a method called sacrificial anode method, the logical principle is: assuming that you are using an aluminum plating nickel solution if the aluminum one defective parts, such as hole, there will be one possibility: electroplating process, the solution or water molecules will remain in dealing with the parts of the ultimate defects within the water molecules will be natural for aluminum electrolyte battery inert than nickel material is poor, so in the electroplating process used in corrosion and prolong the service life of the parts, but the practice is accelerated corrosion to shorten the service life of parts solution is the use of sacrificial anode methodStrictly check any small pits and surface defects on the mould, and do the corresponding surface treatment before plating it.In order to ensure to prevent corrosion, to be on a mold surface coating a layer of at least 0.0005 in thick layer of nickel, the minimum thickness of the nickel layer of intact module and module for may have a pit or other defects is very be necessary electric erosion is mold and molding industry production and development of the road, it is the most difficult obstacle when most people found it, module rework is inevitable, so everyone has the obligation to make it clear what is electric erosion, prevention rather than cure