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Mold Wants To Use Well: Die Frame Selection Is Important!
Dec 06, 2018

There are more and more applications of formwork in engineering. How to select the correct one is a problem. Today, we summarize several criteria of formwork selection.

Standard formwork and standard parts are generally used for formwork and formwork, which helps to shorten the manufacturing cycle and reduce the manufacturing cost. In the actual production, usually according to the price of the mold, structure and the degree of complexity of die processing.

In case of special circumstances or requirements specified by the customer, the shape, size and material of the formwork frame can be changed, or the formwork frame can be completely redesigned. In this case, detailed formwork drawings shall be provided to the formwork frame supplier and the differences between the ordered formwork and the standard formwork frame shall be indicated

Determine die and insert dimensions

The size of the mold mainly depends on the size and structure of the plastic products. For the mold surface, under the premise of sufficient strength, the more compact the better. According to the product appearance dimension (planar projection area and height) and the product itself structure such as (lateral type sliding block and other structures), the contour dimension of the insert can be determined. After the size of the insert is determined, the size of the die frame can be roughly determined

Determine square iron height

The height of the square iron should be sufficient to cover the jacking stroke, and a certain margin (5~10mm) should be set aside to ensure that when the jacking is complete, the thimble fixation plate will not hit the moving formwork or moving formwork plate.

Determination of overall structure of formwork frame

After the formwork is basically selected, the overall structure of the frame shall be checked to see whether the determined formwork is suitable for the injection molding machine selected or specified by the customer, including the size, thickness, maximum mold opening stroke, ejection way and ejection stroke, etc.

Selection of insert materials

There are four main properties of mold insert materials: hardness; High resistance to abrasion; Strength and toughness; Internal corrosion resistance.

The selection of mold insert materials is mainly based on the volume of plastic products, plastic categories to determine.

Products are general plastics such as ABS, PP, PC, etc., and the type of pre-hardened tempered steel such as model P20 is usually selected. If the product batch is large, quench tempered steel such as model H13 should be selected.

High finish or transparent plastic products, such AS PMMA, PS, AS or plastic containing glass fiber, mainly choose type 420 corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

In addition to the above selection, there are a few choice points do not know how to reduce

1. The thickness of formwork frame H and the closing distance L of the injector have different closing distance for different types and specifications of the injector