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Mold Design To Production, Grilled Every Step
Dec 01, 2018

Mold design of large - scale product development process an important link. Because product and mold design are interdependent, it is very useful for product design engineers and mold design engineers to understand the development process of plastic parts, mold design process and the role of mold manufacturing process. Typical stages of product development include: product definition, product design, experience and product development, capacity enhancement, and marketing.

Despite the complexity of the product development process, most have the following two key attributes:

1. Establish systematic development plan to ensure the perfection of design and manufacturing.

2. Establish checkpoint processes to avoid risks by effectively evaluating budget allocations at critical areas of the project.

3. The product development process is divided into multiple stages through the approval fee level. The next phase evaluates the previous one

1. Product definition

2. Product design

3. Development of business and production

4. Zoom in and put into production

5. Function of mold design

The reasons are:

1. A lot of work in the early stage of mold design is carried out simultaneously with the imperfect product design;

2. For the consideration of manufacturing technology or product performance, the mold design may need to be greatly modified

The process of mold development usually begins with a lack of detail on the initial design, which can lead to unsatisfactory products if used directly. The design information for the key parts required for the initial die design includes part size, wall thickness and expected production. Based on this information, mold designers can develop initial mold layouts, give cost estimates, and give product design improvements. In order to speed up the product development process, mold design and mold parts procurement and customization can be carried out simultaneously

When the product development phase is about to end, the mold manufacturing and debugging phase begins. For this reason, mold manufacturers and suppliers are under great pressure to provide high-quality molds as soon as possible. This task is challenging because of potential errors in product design. Therefore, mold designers may be required to redesign and modify part of the mold and work with the mold manufacturer to determine whether the mold meets production requirements