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Mold Damage Should Be How To Avoid
Aug 31, 2018

Mold often appears in the use of the process of damage, affect the normal operation, so how should be the root of the solution?1 good casting structure design of casting wall thickness as evenly as possible, avoid to produce hot section, to reduce the local heat concentrated thermal fatigue of the casting mould corner office should have appropriate casting rounded corners, to prevent mold has pointed that causes stress on 2. Reasonable die structure design of the mould of each component should have sufficient strength and stiffness to withstand the pressure and deformation of mould wall thickness should be enough, can reduce deformation;The design of the casting system minimizes the impact erosion of the mold core.Proper selection of tolerance fit and surface roughness of each element;Keep mould thermal equilibrium (3) through heat treatment can change the microstructure of materials, ensure that the necessary strength size stability, thermal fatigue resistance and hardness of the high temperature material cutting performance correct heat treatment process, will be the best mold performance, and the performance of the steel is influenced by the quenching temperature and cooling rate and tempering time 4 die-casting process control temperature control temperature control: mould preheating temperature and working temperature;The casting temperature of the alloy is lower if the casting temperature is good.Reasonable die casting process: specific pressure filling speed;Adjust the locking force of the machine, so that the force of the mould is even, pay attention to cleaning the residual cutting fragments on the mold surface, so as to avoid the uneven force on the mold surface and the deformation caused by these multiple residues when the mold is closed.Strict control of alloy smelting to reduce the maintenance and repair of gas 5 mould in metal liquid