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Method Of Preventing Heat Treatment Deformation Of Precision Mould
Sep 25, 2018

In the process of heat treatment, precision mold often produces deformation. In order to prevent such a bad phenomenon, it can be reduced and controlled by using different methods to prevent mold deformation as long as the deformation law is mastered and the causes are analyzed. Generally speaking, the following methods can be used to prevent heat treatment deformation of precision and complex mould.
(1) reasonable material selection. For precision and complex moulds, fine microdeformation die steel (such as empty quenching steel) should be selected. For severe carbide segregation die steel, fair casting should be carried out.
(2) the structural design of the mold should be fair, the thickness should not be too different, the shape should be symmetrical, the mold with large deformation should be controlled, and the machining allowance should be reserved. For large, precise and complex mold, combined structure can be adopted.
(3) precision and complex mould shall undergo pre-heat treatment to eliminate the residual stress generated in the machining process.
(4) choose proper heating temperature and control heating speed. For precision and complex molds, slow heating, preheating and other equalizing heating methods can be adopted to reduce mold heat treatment deformation.

(5) under the condition of ensuring the mold hardness, try to adopt the pre-cooling, fractional cooling quenching or temperature quenching process.
(6) for precision and complex moulds, vacuum heating quenching and post-quenching cryogenic treatment should be adopted as far as possible under the condition of permission.
(7) for some precision and complex molds, pre-heat treatment, aging heat treatment and tempering nitrification heat treatment can be adopted to control the accuracy of molds.
(8) when repairing defects such as mold sand holes, pores, and wear, use the repair equipment with little thermal influence such as cold welding machine to avoid deformation in the repair process.
There are many methods for operation of heat treatment process, including hole plugging, hole binding, mechanical fixation, suitable heating method, accurate selection of cooling direction of mold and motion direction in cooling medium, etc. Reasonable tempering heat treatment process is also an effective measure to reduce deformation of precision and complex mold.