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Luo Baihui: Our Country Automobile Mold Manufacture Excessively Relies On The Import
Nov 23, 2018

As the car industry intensified, pull up the auto mould industry also gradually heating up, a few days ago, the international mold association secretary general luo hundred hui in dongguan horizontal drain on mold industry peak BBS, automobile, motorcycle industry each year, the mould demand of more than $700, while our country large precision mold manufacturing capacity is not enough, at present our country high middle-grade cars covering parts mould almost all rely on imports.

Large and medium plastic mold for interior and exterior accessories is also in great demand. It is an important job for our country's automobile and motorcycle moulds to develop the technology of large precision automobile and motorcycle moulds as well as the large and medium plastic moulds of interior and exterior decorative parts

In China's mold market, the development of automobile mold is the most important. For automobile, motorcycle industry is one of the five pillar industries of national economy in our country, China's auto production has more than 19.31 million vehicles in 2012, from the industrial economy development rule, automobile, motorcycle industry of our country has entered the phase of "economic" take-off, such production volume, inevitably bring strong domestic demand, bring huge market for automobile and motorcycle moulds.

Germany, for example, USES an average of nearly 300 kilograms of plastic for every car, about 22 percent of the total consumer material for cars. Japanese cars use about 100 kg of plastic on average, and they use all the interior accessories such as dashboards

At present, the application of plastic products in automobiles and motorcycles has been developed from ordinary decorative parts to structural parts and functional parts. The use of plastic raw materials has also expanded from common plastic to high with better, more resistant to impact or plastic alloy composite material, predictably, with the improvement of plastic material and its molding technology and technology, the application of plastics in automobile, motorcycle industry will become more common, is bound to attract big development of automobile and motorcycle moulds.

With the rapid growth of China's automobile and motorcycle exports, the substitution of plastic molds for wood and metal will increase the demand of plastic molds in automobile and motorcycle industries. To some extent, the amount of plastic products in cars and motorcycles can reflect the development level of a country's automobile and motorcycle industries