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Luo Baihui: In The Comprehensive Deepening Reform To Build Mold Manufacturing Power
Nov 24, 2018

After 35 years of reform and opening up, China has grown into a world power in mold manufacturing. To complete the transformation into a powerful country of mold manufacturing, we must experience a tough and complex battle. In view of the current situation, we must thoroughly implement the spirit of the third plenary session of the 18th CPC central committee, accelerate reform in key areas and key links, and strive to optimize the environment for development

To build a new mechanism for innovative development of mold manufacturing industry. According to luo baihui, the weak innovation ability is the core problem of China's mold manufacturing industry. We will improve the market-oriented industrial innovation system, strengthen the role of enterprises as the main innovation players, establish a mechanism for collaborative innovation between industries, universities and research institutes, and promote diversified innovation in manufacturing technologies, business management and business models. Set up to encourage enterprises, the new mechanism of depth of social forces to participate in national scientific research tasks, give play to the role of key state science and technology projects lead, the key breakthrough core equipment, system software, the key materials of a batch of major technology, speed up the implementation based on base materials, spare parts, technology and industry technical basis for the content of the "strong industrial base project", continually improve mold manufacturing industry innovation and development ability. We will improve the mechanism for transforming technological achievements, develop the technology market, and accelerate the formation of a "multi-stage rocket-boost mechanism" composed of manufacturing enterprises, research institutes and financial capital, so as to promote positive interactions between technological innovation and industrial development. We will vigorously promote technological transformation of enterprises, form a long-term mechanism to encourage them to use new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment, and constantly improve the technological level and industrial level of the mold and die manufacturing industry. We will strengthen the application and protection of intellectual property rights and foster a social atmosphere that encourages innovation and tolerates failure

We will establish a new mechanism for military and civilian integration and development. Practice has proved that adhering to the principle of combining military with civilian and combining military with civilian in industrial development strategy can effectively integrate resources of national defense construction and economic construction, and achieve "compatible" and "win-win" development in which one resource input produces two benefits. We will promote the establishment at the national level of unified leadership, coordination between military and civilian forces, coordination of military and civilian needs, and resource sharing mechanisms, and set up more comprehensive policy, planning and standard support systems, so as to promote the sound and rapid development of civil-military integration in the new era. We will continue to improve the defense industry system, improve the mechanism for collaborative innovation in defense science and technology, promote the integrated development of weapons production and civilian industries, and foster a number of military and civilian industrial bases. We will strengthen the development of public service platforms for civil-military integration, compile a catalogue for the transformation of military to civilian use and for "civilian use in the military" industries, support the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in national defense, and accelerate the two-way transfer of advanced military and civilian technologies. We will strengthen policy guidance and support for civil-military integration and make full use of advanced military technologies to accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries such as high-end equipment and mold manufacturing and new-generation information technology industries. We will actively guide private enterprises to enter the field of military production and maintenance, and form a new pattern of integrated development that integrates both upstream and downstream