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Leakage Failure And Elimination Of Cooling Water In Injection Mold
Jul 25, 2018



The leakage of cooling water in injection mold often occurs for many reasons, mainly in the following aspects:Most occurred in the mold of the cooling water pipe, joint leakage is found, should be on the threaded pipe joint sealing tape, then tighten Due to long-term forming conditions, the mould of the waterproof ring will be damaged, o-type waterproof rubber ring in hardening and cracking easily, cause leakage Some waterproof circle bad installation will cause the seal failure Usually need to check the installation position of sealing ring and sealing performance of cooling hole hole wall damage often happen when trial new mould, the design of wall thickness is enough, but due to machining error or after hole wall wear outIn most cases, the leaking hole can no longer use the maintenance of coolant passages Coolant passages within easy furring, impede heat transfer, serious when make the waterway, need regular maintenance For straight hole, can be inserted into the cooling hole diameter smaller than 0.5 mm steel bar, with a hammer percussion, remove scale and rust For cooling water pipe into the mold, should break the mold, remove rust repair should be done after the leakage test, using hand pump to the filling water in the hole, under the pressure 2 mpa keep 5 min, by observing the water pressure is reduced to determine whether hole leakage Leaks can use rubberCork elastic material with mechanical fastening methods, such as congestion, still can try type of silica gel as the sealing material at room temperature Preventive maintenance of heating pipe and vacuum pump and the use of heating tube is effective heat transfer element, the core cooling of fine deep structure is very effective In the cooling water through the site, one-way heating tube can reduce leakage In addition, the use of vacuum pump cooling water, is also a way of preventing cooling water leakage