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Injection Mould Standardization Production Principle Of Article 30
Aug 12, 2018

In order to improve the production efficiency and quality level of mold manufacturing, the following 30 principles of mold standardization production are formulated according to the summary and summary of common problems in mold manufacturing process.Of greater than 2020 mold all template including plunger plate to do pry die hole 2. Mold processing guide pin guide sleeve to exhaust slot, in case of a guide pin guide bush strain 3. The mold can not have sharp corners, need chamfering processing Within the specified place except 4. Die and mould parts without consent shall not be welding 5. The outside of the mold must be in place to make open vent groove, vent groove specifications, please refer to the manual mold design 6. As far as possible avoid the use of grinding machine grinding on the mould, if must use polishing machining, must use light oil stone province (especially the parting surface)7. Internal model glue plane surface treatment must be in accordance with the BOM list, or other formal notification of technical requirements to perform the glue on the surface of the processing lines (thread cutting, milling machines, CNC gongs bed, spark machine) also want to use the oil-stone province bright 8. All internal mold material, mold level requirements must be based on orders, or design audit confirmed technical requirements in the process of purchasing must provide material certificate, if it is a hard mould, heat treatment report must be provided all the relevant certificates9. All mold before and after the internal model, inserts, line, inclined top, top (block), shovel chicken and other needs at the bottom or side processing with a circular hole, and hardness of the material name carved out 10. Lines, blocks, shovel chicken, pumping mouth and other important nitride hardened processing are wearing parts must be 11. Line must have positioning positioning way slingshot, a bead, HASCO (DME) standard line clamp and so on, the specific need according to the requirements of each project Line needs a layering, layering, wear-resisting board wear-resisting board must use hard wear-resisting material, need to add oil12. Lines inclined guide pillar must be compact, cannot turn loose and inclined guide pillar tail must be processed into hemispherical or conical shape, to ensure the normal order of the lines of a movement on the same line have two or more than two inclined guide pillar, the length of the inclined guide pillar and must be the same size and lean 13. Inclined top seat must use hard wear-resisting material lifter must processing groove, inclined top general use 2510 or cr12 hard to hrc40-45 degrees, because the inclined top by the shock load, so can't be too hard or you will break, and in all the right Angle position Angle of chamfer c requires inclined top guide plate (bronze) welding is not allowed14. Port HeJinJiao need province light # 400-400 15. Thimble, drum, was thimble, inclined top and thimble board to carve, the corresponding identification number are easy to install If on the product, thimble position is not level, need to type D or made of thimble seat make it stop pin key position 16. Thimble use HASCO and DME standard, choose what kind of decision on BOM table or other formal notification of mold technical requirements 17. Processing water aprons (ORing groove, need unilateral reserve a 0.25 mm gap and aprons to preloading generally 0.5 to 0.8 mm. If you do not pay attention to this, aprons easily damaged by pressure drop, leakage caused by 18. Pumping mouth to nitride, need to do the check of the pumping mouth radius must conform to the requirements of the drawings pumping mouth without nitride, go die could have been hurt before 19. The conventional structure mould must hold the head, two end need to be smooth, small modulus preloading 0.1 mm, big mould preloading 0.1 mm to 0.15 mm, locating ring diameter must conform to the drawings, the top rod joint form and position must conform to the drawings21. The specifications of the water nozzle should be according to the BOM table or the confirmed die drawing. The sink hole of the water nozzle must be processed and installed according to the die drawing.23. All the words on the play in the mold label must be neat, straight, not crooked 24. The mould need at the edge of the quadrilateral install lock lock (straight) if can't lock, install the need to install the taper lock, or conical taper lock lock to transversely installed 25. All screws and mould parts should be the preferred standard parts, screw head cannot be cut off Effective locking screws into the length must be sufficient, normal is 1.5 or 2 26. Hot mouth slot must be fillet, so as not to scratch wire 27 put hot mouth ID card in the mold panel side 28. Mold transfer acceptance: need to cooperate with the die engineer according to the mold check listAcceptance with mold can be packed away 29 before the move mould testing water pressure (more than 100 pa) acceptance after water, need removal lon-izing blow clean water 30. Mold surface in the process of manufacturing, need to pay attention to maintenance, prevent rust, scratch go die before packing, internal model needs to be sprayed white/or colorless, anti-rust agent, all the mold surface must be clean, and butter