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Injection Molding Machine Mold Protection System Security Protection Elements
Sep 26, 2018

As the main production tool of injection molding factory, it determines the shape, specification, size and appearance of the product. Metal molds are made of steel and generally consist of front mold/back mold.
Mold protection
Due to the specific precision vulnerability of the mold, safety protection of the mold is of vital importance.
1. Rust prevention: prevent rust caused by water leakage/condensation/rain shower/fingermark in the injection mold.
2. Anti-collision: prevent the mold from breaking due to the thimble, and failing to return to the right place.
3. Prick removal: prevent the die from burr caused by cloth rubbing/material washing/hand rubbing/nozzle clamping/knife touching.
4. Missing parts: prevent the mold from being damaged during the use process due to the lack of parts such as pull rod/washer.
5. Anti-pressure: prevent the mold from pressing because there is still product left in the mold.
6. Underpressure: prevent damage caused by excessive pressure of low-pressure protection on the mold.

There because of the thimble fracture has not been back in place, mould residues, thimble auxiliary products, the lack of parts is the proportion of the damage of the mould is higher, and that the more frequently, so this is so why more than 85% of the mold damage, and mould maintenance cost is higher, usually so how to avoid the happening of this kind of situation is directly related to the interests of the injection molding industry.
In order to prevent production delay caused by mold damage, high maintenance costs and to save human resources, anqi technology developed a product, called "mold protector" through continuous research and improvement using machine vision technology.
Die monitor, or die protector, also known as die electronic eye, can effectively protect valuable die. Mold expert luo baihui said the mold protection system of the injection molding machine, installed on the injection molding machine, can directly check whether the product is qualified, and before the completion of the mold inspection residue to prevent mold clamping damage. During the operation of the injection molding machine, expensive molds may be damaged due to plastic residues or sliding blocks dislocation within each cycle. Anqi is to prevent these situations from happening, and to automatically prevent mold closing and alarm when abnormal occurs.
If the mold is damaged due to lack of effective mold protection, we will give you the following Suggestions:
Notes for mold maintenance:

1. When removing the mold, avoid bruising and drenching, and move smoothly.
2. Spray hot mold, and then spray a small amount of mold release agent
3. The mold shall be thoroughly checked and treated with anti-rust: carefully wipe the moisture and sundries in the mold cavity, core, ejection mechanism and line, and spray the mold with anti-rust agent and grease.
Mold maintenance
In the continuous working process of the mold, due to the wear of parts, lubricant deterioration, leakage, compression of plastic materials and other problems in the process of movement, the mold needs to be maintained.
Mold maintenance is generally divided into daily maintenance and under mold maintenance
Daily maintenance of molds generally includes the following aspects:
1. Regular rust removal (appearance, PL surface, mold cavity, mold core, etc.)
2. Re-lubricate regularly (ejection mechanism, line, etc.)
3. Regularly replace the wear parts (pull rod, bolts, etc.)
Other things to look out for
After the mold is removed by professional maintenance personnel, the mold cavity, thimble and so on are professionally tested and protected.