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Injection Mold Out Of Trouble, Teach You A Few Troubleshooting Tips!
Aug 07, 2018

Guide pillar 1 guide pin injury major guiding role in the mould, to ensure the forming surface of core and cavity into each other, in any case not to guide pillar as stress or positioning parts used in the following two cases, move on injection mould will produce a great lateral migration: plastic parts for non-uniform wall thickness material flow rate is big, thick wall place here produce larger pressure;Plastics profile asymmetry, such as step type mold parting surface, relative to the two sides of backpressure is not equal to 2 gate stripping difficulty in the process of injection molding, gate stick inside the gate set, not easily out mould, products appear crack damage In addition, the operator must use copper bar from the nozzle tip on, to loosen the rear can release, the serious influence production efficiency of the fault is the main reason gate taper hole finish is poor, inner hole circumference direction has a scar Followed by material too soft, use after a period of time the cone Kong Xiaoduan deformation or damage, as well as the nozzle spherical radian is too small, the gate is expected to produce riveting head hereGate of the taper hole is more difficult, should try to use standard parts, if you need to processing, also should be homemade or buy special reamer Taper hole after grinding to Ra0.4 below In addition, you must set up gate pull rod material or gate 3 ejection device dynamic offset large die, for the rate of filling material is different, and the mold when loading is affected by mold weight, dynamic set mode deviation Injections in these cases, the lateral migration force will add on the guide pin, guide pin surface galling when open mold, damage, serious when the guide pin bent or cut off, can't even open moldIn order to solve the above problem, add high intensity in the mold parting surface positioning keys all around each one, using cylindrical key is the most simple and effective Guide pin hole and the perpendicularity of the parting surface is very important During processing is adopted, mold alignment position after clamping, after boring boring last time, which can guarantee, concentricity of die hole, and minimize the perpendicularity error In addition, the guide pillar and guide sleeve heat treatment hardness must meet the design requirements of 4 template bending mold in injection, mold cavity have a huge pressure, melt is in commonly 600 ~ 1000 kg/cm2Mold makers sometimes don't attach importance to this problem, often change the original design size, or replace with low strength steel plate, the dynamic template in the mould of material with a plunger, because on both sides of the span is big, cause the injection template under bending dynamic template must choose high quality steel, must have the enough thickness, must not with A3 steel such as low intensity, when necessary, or support block should be set at the bottom of the dynamic template shores, to reduce the thickness of the template, 5 push rod bending bearing capacity, rupture or leak material homemade plunger, better quality, is the tooling cost is too high, now usually choose standard, general qualityThe clearance between the plunger and the hole if it is too big, appear leakage is expected, but if the gap is too small, in due to their high mold temperature, injection plunger, expansion and jammed is more dangerous, sometimes plunger is out general distance is fixed and broken, results in the next time the clamping shows the push rod can't reset and die crashed in order to solve this problem, plunger to grinding, the plunger front keep fit of 10 ~ 15 mm, the middle section mill small 0.2 mm All the plunger after assembly, must strictly check the fit clearance, generally within 0.05 ~ 0.08 mm, to ensure that the whole can as ejection device6 cooling bad or channel leakage mold cooling effect directly affect the quality and production efficiency of products, such as poor cooling, product shrinkage, or uneven contraction become warped surface defects such as deformation occurs Die global or local overheating on the other hand, make the mold can't normal molding and production, severe cases make the plunger, activities such as a thermal jammed and damage the cooling system design, processing to the product shape, don't cry because it is complicated or difficult to machining mould structure and eliminate the system, especially in large and medium-sized mold cooling must fully consider 7 guide groove length is too smallSome die because of restricted by template area, guide groove length is too small, the slider on the outside of the core-pulling action after the show guide, so that after the core-pulling and mould reset at the beginning of the phase is likely to cause the slider tilt, especially when clamping, slider reset, make the slider damage, even bending damage according to the experience, slide block core pulling was finished, to stay in the length of the sliding groove should not be less than the guide for two-thirds of the total length of 8 distance taut institutions failPendulum hook, fastener spacing taut institutions is generally used in die core-pulling or some secondary ejection mould, because such institutions in the mold of the two sides set in pairs, its movement request must be synchronous, namely the clamping buckle at the same time, open mode to a certain position decoupling once lost synchronization at the same time, certainly will cause pulled mold template skewed and damage, the institutions of the parts to have higher rigidity and wear resistance, adjustment is hard, short life institutions, to avoid as far as possible, you can switch to other institutionsCan be used in the case of relatively small pumping heart spring launch mode method, the core pulling force is larger when the dynamic model can be used under the condition of backward sliding core, finish core-pulling action again after the structure of the die, in the large mold can be used on hydraulic oil cylinder core-pulling slider type pin core-pulling mechanism damage such mechanisms are often appear problem mostly processing does not reach the designated position and the material is too small, basically has the following two questions: Angle pin A big;Advantage is that can be generated within the mould schedule in shorter than the big core pulling away from A, but take too much Angle when the pull force F is A certain value, the core pulling was pin bending force in the process of P = F/COSA, also, the more susceptible to deformation and oblique pin hole wear at the same time, on the slider pin N = FTGA has, the greater the upward thrust force of the slider to guide groove guide the positive pressure increase, thereby increasing the slider sliding frictional resistance of the slide when, guide groove wear according to experience, Angle should not be greater than 25 A