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Injection Mold Design Experience For Many Years
Aug 09, 2018

    I am engaged in the design of injection mold structure, once design home appliance, automotive, electronic products mold design level is not high, just did live more more miscellaneous just idle today, with everyone to discuss the questions about the injection mold structure design 


First after we got the one product, don't be so quick to die, one of the most important thing to do is check the structure of products, including draft, thickness type molding problem, of course, these for a just engaged in the mold structure design, may be more difficult because they probably don't know how to be more suitable for use in the mold design products, which it doesn't matter, only a process of their own daily accumulation when you finish analyzing product draft, wall thickness, and in the direction where the torque is, basically, you already know the mold parting surface, and the position of the gate, and of course this is finally confirmed with the client, some say, is not good I analyze the product structure, you can start to design mould, of course, the answer is NO, to be engaged in the design of some projects about affect the mould structure is make sure good specific content is as follows: 1, the customer for the production of injection molding machine tonnage and model types, the confirmation is not good, you can't confirm you mold gate set of inlet diameter and the diameter of the positioning ring, ejection hole size and location, and the depth of the function of injection into the mould, even the size of the die set, height and so onYou worked so hard to design a set of oil cylinder core pulling of die structure, you also have a sense of achievement, can mold to customer can't production, because the customer there is electric injection molding machine, and no additional neutrons, estimated at that time you will have a kind of want to cry feeling, 2 customer code of injection molding machine mold, mold platen yards, is usually used screw size mold, hydraulic code module, magnetic code mode and so on This confirm ok, you just know when you design the mould, need to design code mold screw hole or code module slot 3, just our problem, after analysis of product and product line, product material and shrinkage rateDon't take it for granted that would be the PP plastic shrinkage rate of 1.5%, the good must confirm with our customer, want to know what are they used in the production of material grades, add any modified materials and so on Conditional, it is best to be familiar with product assembly relationship between, and so on, the purpose of the product and the information about the mould structure design are very helpful in the future Because to understand these, you know what is the surface appearance, which are the appearance, where the draft Angle can be increased casually, which parts of the world can't be changeEven including the structure of some products, if you know the actual assembly relationship and use of the product, you know what torque structure can be cancelled or change to another simple form must keep firmly in mind, to do the mold process is the process of simplifying complex problems often see some people in order to do a set of how complex the structure of the proud and proud, I think that is very ignorant because many product engineer may be due to their own experience, design the structure of some not very reasonable, if the downstream process, can't help them correct, they may always think that design is no problemThe progress of our product engineer will be very slow mould waterway external parameters, oil external parameters, circuit external parameters, gas circuit external parameters only after design before understanding the customer the request, can you have the foresight oil gas circuit, the design of the waterway don't worked so hard to design the mould, then later found that customers need series oil inside the mold, then you change again, is expected to tired half dead, because you waterways, plunger, screw what all very not easy rowLike this four road design sequence is to ensure the oil first, because oil distribution balance, especially need cylinder out of the mould structure, if oil is not balance, oil cylinder ejector movement will have successively, easy ejection unbalance , of course, also can adopt gear oil machine, but it is more complicated. The second is the water, because water to ensure that the cooling effect, distribution will affect the quality of the products and the die life The last is gas circuit and circuit in the mold in order to place a plaice is a place, is closest to the direction of the TOP circuit, then the water, gas path, is on the bottom of the oil pipe connector Other matters not mentionedWith this information, we can set out to design the mould First is parting, this process is a process of everybody prefer an estimated Because offer mould with a sense of accomplishment, parting surface principle is simple good, resolute don't scan can stretch out, or use other advanced command Second when parting surface to be diligent, try to simplify the parting surface, don't make of the 7788's, if not precision mould, the 0.1 ~ 0.5 wear can avoid to avoid Another parting surface but also follow a principle, is to do product trendAs to the parting surface is beautiful string a digression, in learning 3 d software must bear in mind that each command principle is to understand, then you know at what time can be used to that command a lot of time what will matter is not what you don't use the software, but you won't live learning software as a command, experienced people can have a lot of kinds of flexible usages, this embodies in UG is one of the most obvious one word, it is important to train of thought, rather than a tool itselfWhen doing the parting surface, you just need to know, to plug in the Angle is big, can touch the wear surface area is big, pulled the pillow of potential wide width should fully consider you now hand pull the parting surface after the actual mold made in the future, the family workshop is responsible for the mode of teacher will scold you If you think not scolded, that's OK, continue, when you really be scolded in the future, these are your experience Doing the parting surface is certainly want to consider at the same time with inclined sliding block on the top of the configuration, because those changes will involve the parting surfaceTypical structure of slider is trigonometric function relationship, this have no matter to yourself to calculate more, but to ensure that the Angle of the inclined guide pillar don't too big, try to be 30 degrees below the inclined guide pillar selection principle is thick thick, don't be too stingy, because of the inclined guide pillar is to stress Slider also points a lot of variation of structure, for example, uphill slider, downhill slide block, the slider, oil cylinder, front mould slider, slider sliding block, slider, reversed, inclined top slider belt, and so on, these special structures are made full use of trigonometric functions, buckle the aim is to realize the demoulding, normal process and dieCalculation formula of sliding block each big BBS has a detailed introduction, I will not go into here followed by inclined top, inclined top is more flexible, but typical inclined top Angle is not too big, not more than 15 degrees, as far as possible, of course, you have to do 20 degrees, but it is difficult to guarantee the life, and action is not smooth, the specific reference trigonometric function and theoretical mechanics principleInclined top shape evolution has many forms, such as, hill pitched roof, downhill inclined top, crooked neck inclined top, set spell oblique plunger, the big top, with large inclined top of the pole, inlay spelling hang a small inclined roof, roof block below go, on the top of the inclined sliding block walking on inclined roof, sloping roof go inclined top, on the top of the sloping roof, reversed, and so on, all of these structures is a purpose, using trigonometric functions invert her products Learn trigonometric function, therefore, how important it is!So as to all kinds of special structure, it is people want to come out, you can give full play to your imagination, no matter what kind of structure can go to want to casually, think it over, will go to the bold design, maybe you will have a new invention, but after the design, be sure to verify the trigonometric function relations, is under the actual simulation mould opening and closing action, and consider the problems in injection molding or not At some point we dieThen there is the position of the mould structure, the content is to sort out in advance, according to the actual situation of products, choose different types of mould structure, for example, two plate mold, three board mold, hot runner, IMD, on IML, double color, stack mold and so on All types of mold structure in order to can realize the volume production of products and good service When choosing die set, and we will give full consideration to note 4 o 'clock just mentioned that the chosen die set we consider mould with spelling, set of principles is to simplify the process, save material, product molding, such as exhaust gas and so onWhat do you think of mould is particularly thin place, must be separately set spell, easy to replace in the future when set spell should fully consider the strength of the insert, workability, and waterways can spell out his design in the future, will plus the standard parts and standard parts after the principle is to focus on local, try to arrange balance symmetry Are generally not to add ejector, add ejector must consider when waterway configuration In general, to give priority to the plunger configuration, and generally designed waterway, and then according to actual condition adjust water ejector, make to balance bothAdd ejector principle is the place where hold great strength, in addition to add in the product and machine, edge strength structure better places, in order to avoid the top white or ejection unbalance drainage road is topping out principles, the principle of because generally speaking, a place where it is hold great strength is products of hot spots, the part of the need to strengthen the cooling, the contradictions need to adjust good as to exactly use a plunger or a top or push board, requires specific analysisThis to analysis with the structure characteristics of a product, such as product easy to stick before die, consider want to die after invert, or before die out, these are all natural things, but many friends don't want to is what reason, it is because there is no full analysis of product structure, did not consider the actual product in the process of injection molding status It is the key to the problem plunger waterway and finished, the rest is the mess of standard parts, all in and just try to think of symmetrical balanceAfter completion of a complete set of mold design, must do the following test, the first is set piece of analysis of the draft, see if there are any torque, followed by mold interference inspection of each parts of top priority now has the function of 3 d software, convenient is then mold opening and closing action of the simulation of simple die as long as you are not too clear, it must be the actual simulation, the other is mold machinability of various parts and mold assembly process, don't hard devised a clever structure, no problems with the theoretical calculation, finished processing, the results don't go in, or bad assemblyAt this point, can congratulations, general process is over mold design was in fact a full of contradictions Want to design something, mould cost is high, want to design simple, may be the strength of the product is going to change or mold, life will have influence There is absolutely no so die design As long as find the balance point, your mould design is successful So, design the structure of the others are not always suitable for as long as you follow the above main points of mold design, estimates that everyone can design a reasonable die structure