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Injection Mold, About The Design Of Gating System
Aug 15, 2018

  A. Pouring System of ordinary Runner System (Runner System), also known as the gating System, or pouring System, is melting the plastic injection machine Nozzle cavity (Nozzle) to the routes of Runner System including the mainstream way (Primary Runner) distributary channel (Sub - Runner) and Gate (Gate) 1. Also known as the main Sprue injection mainstream tao (Sprue) or vertical Sprue, refers to the injection machine Nozzle part in contact with the mold Sprue bushing, until distributary channel of the portThis part is the First part that flows through the molten plastic after it enters the mold. 2.For multiple cavity moulds, at the same time have the function of the uniform distribution of plastic to the mold cavity 3. The gate is also known as inlet, are distributary channel and the cavity between the narrow his, is also the most short meat thin part of the role of the use of squeeze flow surface to achieve the effect of acceleration, plastic high shear rate can make the plastic liquid (due to plastic shear to dilute features);Viscous heating temperature also has the warming effect of ascension is expected to reduce the effect of viscosity on molding is completed, the gate first curing sealing, prevent the reverse flow of plastic, and avoid the cavity pressure drop too fast, make the function of FRP products causing shrinkage depression after forming, is convenient to cut off, with separation flow system and parts 4. Also known as the cold cold slug well hole to store complement filling cold initial stage of plastic wave front, prevent cold material directly into the cavity, filling quality or blocking gate cold slug well is usually set at the end of the mainstream way, when the distributary channel length is longer than the cold slug well in the end should be1. Cavity Layout (Cavity Layout) is considered as far as possible.2) the hole layout and gate opening should be symmetrical, so as to prevent the unbalanced force on the mould from generating offset load, and the problem of overburden on the supporting mould.2) flow guidance 1) can guide the melt plastic to fill the hole smoothly, without causing any eddy current, and can discharge smoothly;1) the smaller the heat loss and pressure drop, the better;2) the process should be short;3) the cross-section area of the flow passage should be large enough;4) avoid bend and sudden change of flow direction (change direction with arc Angle);5) low surface roughness in runner processing;4) when filling with multi-cavity Cavity of one module, the flow channel should be balanced, so that the plastic can be filled with each Cavity at the same time, so as to ensure the quality consistency of molding products of each Cavity.2) Naturally BalancedLayout should be adopted in the shunt channel as much as possible;3) failing to natural balance, the method of using artificial balance balance port 5. Waste considering smooth filling at the same time without affecting the flow and pressure loss, reduce the flow volume or area size (length), to reduce the flow channel and recycling waste the cost of a 6. Cold material consideration on the runner system design appropriate Cold slug well (Cold SlugWell) material overflow groove, in order to complement the fill Cold initial stage of plastic wave front, prevent Cold material directly into the cavity, affect the filling quality 7. ExhaustThe plastic should be smoothly guided to fill the hole, and the air in the hole can escape smoothly, so as to avoid the problem of sealing and charring.2) when the flow of the runner system is long or MultipleGating, the warping deformation of the finished product caused by the unbalanced flow or uneven shrinkage shall be prevented;3) the nature of the product appearance is good, remove the dressing Gate is convenient, Gate Mark (Gate Mark) parts surface and application condition in 9. Production efficiency consideration as far as possible to reduce the required after processing, the forming cycle is shorten, improve production efficiency 10. Out some considerations should be considered appropriate ejection position, in order to avoid forming product demoulding deformation 11. Use plastic consider high viscosity or plastic L/t is shorter, avoid using too long or too small size of the port