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Industrial Automation Is An Important Tool For Mold Manufacturing Transformation And Upgrading
Aug 24, 2018

Since the industrial revolution, industrial automation industry for the development of mould industry has brought new opportunities, as well as the fresh blood today, multinational big enterprise in the industry of industrial automation has entered the domestic market of mold making, to domestic production molds automation technology and automation industry market has brought the new thinking and new innovation power in the automation industry, industrial automation is one of the important gripper transformation and upgrading of mould manufacturing, at the same time it also brings to the mold of small and medium-sized enterprises tremendous pressure to surviveIn terms of how to survive and develop in the big market of industrial automation mold industry and how to get a piece of sky of their own in the market competition, it has become an extremely important subject that mold experts once said:Pack and in the domestic market, the international famous brand continuously penetrate development and industrial automation highly developed today, our mould enterprise competition is no longer a provincial fine-quality ministerial combined the level of competition, but competition for each enterprise core competitiveness So far, now the mould enterprise want to occupy a favorable position in competition for industrial automation, can from the following five aspects to consolidate and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises advantage: money;Human resources;Operational mechanism information and technology;Market marketing ability, and other enterprises does not need absolute advantage in all aspects, but should be at least one of them to produce their own core competitiveness for small and medium enterprises, in the context of the overall strength is relatively weak, to refine their core competitiveness, must be through the detailed analysis of self, combining with the characteristics of their own industry, looking for the key link in the process of enterprise development, can develop to the enterprise form the core competitiveness of the comparative advantage, in order to obtain favorable advantages in the fierce competition in the industrial automationIn addition to external factors, such as market structure and market opportunity, which influence enterprises to a certain extent, all kinds of competitiveness of enterprises themselves become the key to their competitive advantages. The allocation and effective application of resources and the ability to protect the sustainable development of resources are the most fundamental elements to gain competitive advantagesMold manufacturing although small and medium-sized enterprises in the main business scope to structure the content and form of each are not identical, but all have something in common: money is not much, small, technical strength is not strong, the personnel quality is not high, with the big enterprise competition in the industry is in obvious disadvantage, but how to good use now automated industrial advantages, and based on the development of the enterprise, the future will be bound to a place