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How To Solve The Problem Of Plastic Injection Mold Demoulding
Oct 03, 2018

After the injection molding of the plastic parts, the plastic parts from the mold cavity, whether using a single or multiple parts of the ejection mechanism, its ejection work is generally a one-time completion. However, sometimes due to the special shape of the plastic parts or the need of automation in production, the plastic parts are still difficult to be removed from the mold cavity or can not fall off automatically after the completion of the mold release work. At this time, it is necessary to add another demoulding action to make the plastic parts fall off. The difficulty of demoulding is mainly due to the squeeze of the gate or plastic parts in the mold. Reasons:
Equipment: insufficient output.
2. Mold
(1) improper demoulding structure or position.
(2) insufficient draft.
(3) high mold temperature or poor ventilation.
(4) rough surface of runner wall or cavity.
(5) the nozzle is inconsistent with the feed mouth of the mold or the diameter of the nozzle is greater than the diameter of the feed mouth.

Three technological aspects
(1) too high temperature or too much injection.
(2) too high injection pressure or long cooling time.
Four raw materials: insufficient lubricant.
The traditional methods of stripping plastic molds can be divided into four types: top, push, pull and spin.
Now there is a new technology to solve the problem of plastic demoulding easily. In the plastic mold industry, especially the need to use a variety of resin compounds for highly complex design, high-gloss finish, there are many unsolvable problems.
Nano mold release coating can be in plastic mold surface, even in the plastic mould plug-in surface coating, can obviously reduce the surface friction coefficient, there is no need to use the traditional mold release agent can achieve high gloss finish surface. Even if you use design and plastic compound make maintenance machine/tool production period is longer, so that the production is low, economically unfeasible critical cases, the nano mold release coating can also be prolonged continuous production, significantly reduce machine/tool maintenance shutdown period. The plastic mold production play a role of maximum efficiency and reduce waste. Nanometer demoulding coating not only improves the smoothness and accuracy of plastic mold surface, but also greatly improves the productivity of plastic mold manufacturing industry!