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How To Reduce Mold Maintenance And Improve The Efficiency
Sep 21, 2018

Injection mold in tens of thousands of use process, inevitably will go wrong. But the problem is that the number of mold maintenance should be as short as possible, which can greatly reduce maintenance costs and improve production efficiency.
Ideally, a mold design life of 300,000 beer, 50,000 large maintenance, in the production cycle in addition to the vulnerable parts of the spring ejector tape, other parts do not need to change. But actually the general mold is repaired and repaired, even a set of mass production molds will have two or three repairs a month.

In fact, most of the mold repair can be avoided, there are maintenance problems and production process control problems. The following table is an analysis of a company's history of mold maintenance.
Analysis of workshop mold maintenance record
The number of
Related departments
Burr/pin break/cylinder needle break/oblique top break/thimble glue/thimble break/strain
Production stabilization
Production is given priority to
Clogging of hot runner
Manufacturing process control
Clamp the PIN
The incoming material control
Procurement is given priority to
Hot runner dislocation/oblique jacking/mold leakage/segment difference/hot runner polyglue/draw-pin failure/hot runner product/oblique jacking/formwork deformation/sliding gels/oblique jacking
Mold assembly/maintenance quality
The mould is given priority to
The middle plate is not open/not vented properly
The production and maintenance
A combined
It can be seen that the mold repair is actually very few reasons from the mold itself. Here's how to reduce mold maintenance:

1. Strengthen scientific injection molding knowledge training, and try not to hurt the mold in production. Low pressure protection setting, mold closing speed, clamping force, injection speed, pressure maintaining, mold temperature and other parameters can greatly damage the mold, which should be paid attention to.
2. Production control. Similar to the hot flow of the plug and PIN card in the mold to avoid as much as possible.
Avoid problems in the womb. Mold design and manufacturing process is "pregnancy," at this time the problem can not be, otherwise maintenance is inevitable. For example, the design of the 7 major systems of mold, material, etc.
4. Mold maintenance. At ordinary times, the first and second level maintenance and the third level maintenance of the mold repair department should be solid and in place, what to draw dust to cover the front should be avoided, spring break/thimble card/shovel chicken from the thorns and so on should be avoided.
5. Standardization and inventory of vulnerable parts. Thimble/spring/cylinder/guide pillar/guide sleeve, etc. should be of uniform specification as far as possible and available in stock.
6. Standardization of operation process, personnel training and performance assessment.
After the above 6 points are completed, the mold maintenance accident can be generally reduced by 50%, and the production efficiency of the enterprise is also greatly improved.