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How To Properly Maintain The Rubber Mold
Sep 29, 2018

Everything has a certain life. In order to extend the service life, we should know the correct maintenance method. The following is about the correct maintenance method of rubber mold.
The first, regular maintenance of the mold wear curve is present in each mold. Mold repair is the implementation of the field of abnormal wear, this period of stamping processing is easy to learn. It is easy to learn the maintenance project and control the maintenance time when the processing quantity, mold maintenance realization and maintenance plan are satisfied.
Second, the improvement and maintenance to extend the die life, stable quality, easy maintenance, and other purposes, while the improvement of part of the die special maintenance.
Third, daily maintenance refers to the normal rubber mold cleaning, inspection, and moving to oil. The job is usually to make sure that the mold is in a normal state and that anomalies can be detected early.
Fourth, the accident condition maintenance of rubber mold processing, will have some changes, forming the country can not continue to use. For example, the rough edges become larger, the wrong size, such as scars, mold parts burning. Because similar abnormal starts the mold repair, the maintenance content is called the accident. This maintenance is often used until near the limit, if the rubber mold maintenance costs time is more important, life is short of the mold. Because this is a sudden maintenance, there must be a device in the plan to stop, and emergency maintenance.