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How To Improve The Quality Of Injection Mould Effectively?
Aug 05, 2018

                 In order to produce qualified plastic injection mold, we must provide the quality of plastic injection mold. What measures can be taken to improve the quality of plastic injection mold?Formulated a complete set of plastic mold production management system, realize the mold in the production management process of product data management technology of data management plan management schedule management of computer information management system, including mold design process for the plan of mold production workshop tasks and product inspection, warehouse management, etc., make the plastic mold in the manufacturing and related auxiliary information from planning to completion of delivery can achieve all-round tracking management plan design processing workshop production situation of human resources information organicallyIntegrate them together for coordination, so as to effectively coordinate the planning and production, effectively ensure the quality of plastic molds and timely delivery of plastic molds.Through accurate mold structure design and efficient mold parts processing and accurate detection of spare parts, will effectively reduce the plastic mold for the additional cost of maintenance and change, thus they can obtain the actual cost for each mold, effectively control quality of mold die assembly like to assemble the machine and every parts, each screw can't go wrong, otherwise the consequences will be severe, light led to the product defects, affect production, or damage the mould completely, create scrapped so assembly work must be very careful especially pay attention to during the process of assembling mold cleaning job, especially in the waterScrew holes, must blow clean the inside of the iron filings, otherwise the customer is very angry of mold maintenance is mainly the preventive maintenance and mold in the process of production, like cars, if you don't again for a long time without maintenance can lead to mold scrap so after each mold used to conduct a comprehensive maintenance, in particular forming part of the rust, rust because of main motion parts mould due to the production process to pick up water, may have to sleep in the process of installation or remove to mold, so make sure the mould dry, then brush a layer of oil

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