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How To Improve Effect Of Cold Mould
Sep 10, 2018

Cold punching mould is relatively complex and poor working conditions, mould in use process is often mixed with a variety of injuries, in use process, easy to appear the following failure modes


1 fracture failure fracture failure refers to the mould in use suddenly appeared a large crack or damage and failure Mold material toughness and strength is not enough, is the failure of two factors 2 wear failure wear failure of the working parts of die and processed materials of relative movement between the loss is too big and failure To prevent wear failure, often using high chromium alloy steel, but its carbide size segregation, also often lead to brittle fracture 3 deformation failure deformation failure refers to the mold permanent deformation, cause mould invalidation Often use the high carbon low alloy steel with better hardenability of high carbon high alloy steelBut when the mould is bigger thicker, quenching process is undeserved, may also occur deformation failure 4 fatigue failure refers to the mould under the action of alternating stress, crack generated continuously expand, the final failure To improve the quality of cold punching mold, avoid failure, production often adopt the following measures: 1 selection fracture failure is given priority to, can choose the material toughness CrWMn steel 9 mn2v steel GD CH steel, etc.;Wear failure is given priority to, can be used Cr12 Cr12MoV LD GM steel 2 1) improve the high temperature tempering heat treatment, such as heating temperature can make carbide refining solution, high temperature tempering can improve the carbide morphology and distribution of fine grains increased plastic workpiece (2) to avoid mould invalidation, heated in the heating process, shorten the high temperature and residence time, turn into the coolant after rotation to uniform cooling, to reduce the quenching distortion and small cracks 3 reasonable forging Axial radial forging by cross heading drawing method (dui) pull repeatedly, after can make high chromium alloy die forging of carbide level is less than level 3Meanwhile, the forging temperature is strictly controlled to prevent forging crack.Waste heat spheroidization annealing is commonly used after forging, so as to facilitate the final heat treatment of 4-wire cutting processing molds with multiple linear cutting processing, and finally fine repair USES small energy to reduce the thickness of white light layer and crack depth after wire cutting processing, 200 supplementary tempering is adopted to eliminate the additional stress of wire cutting, which can effectively improve the die life