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How To Do The Mold First Level Maintenance?
Dec 03, 2018

People need regular checkups and molds. People may have a physical examination every year, but the mold is different. The mold in production needs a physical examination every day, so why do we have a physical examination? What about the physical? See below. You know that the mold also needs regular physical examination.

What is done on injection molding machine is primary maintenance. The primary maintenance is due to the following situations in the production of molds: debris spatter, lack of lubrication caused by oil volatilization, hidden trouble caused by loose parts, and other conditions. It is very necessary to do primary maintenance. The contents of primary maintenance are as follows:

1. In the production process, dust, oil, waste, and other foreign matters on the parting surface should be wiped with cloth every 8 hours. It is strictly forbidden to wipe the surface of mirror or grain surface to prevent scratches.

2. During the production process, it is necessary to apply lubricating oil to the guide column and slide part of the mold every day, and make one thimble oil (white/transparent and other special products are not required to apply liquid thimble oil). Prevent wear and tear.

3. During the production process, each shift shall check whether the mold sliding block and thimble are abnormal, whether the thimble is overextended, and whether the spring is broken. If any problem is found, shut down immediately.

4. In the process of production, if the adhesive mould is found, it should be stopped immediately, and the monitor should be informed of the process treatment in time to prevent the pressure molding. It is strictly forbidden to directly take the adhesive mold products with bevel pincers and knives to prevent injury to the mold. Pay attention to the adhesive mold products must be careful!

5. If the machine is shut down during production, please turn off the frozen water immediately, no matter how long it takes, to prevent the mold from rust.

6. When repairing the mold, if only the lower part of the mold, the mold on the machine should be protected to prevent damage to the mold.

7. The water in the waterways and the mold shall be blown clean before the mold is lowered, and the mold shall be inspected for damage after cleaning the parting surface. If there is any problem with the mold opening and repairing, the single-handed mold group shall deal with the problem. If the mold is no problem, spray anti-rust agent and send it to the unloading area.

8. If there is any problem with the mold, please contact the mold group to deal with it in time. Personnel who do not know the mold technology are strictly forbidden to disassemble and repair the mold without permission, so as to prevent the mold from being damaged