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How To Control The Melt Viscosity And Water Absorption Of ABS
Aug 14, 2018

   1. How to control the melt viscosity of abs?ABS belongs to amorphous polymers, no obvious melting point due to its various brand quality, in the process of injection molding should be according to the different grades of formulating appropriate process parameters, generally in more than 160, 270, the following can be forming in the process of molding ABS has good thermal stability, selection of range is bigger, not easy to appear the degradation or decomposed and melt viscosity of ABS, its liquidity than polystyrene (PS), polycarbonate (PC) and so on, and the melt cooling curing speed is faster, generally in 5 ~ 15 seconds can be cold setting 

       2. ABS bibulous rate is how to control?Liquidity of ABS and injection temperature, injection pressure, injection pressure of slightly sensitive to this end, in the molding process, from the perspective of the injection pressure, to reduce the melt viscosity, improving of the ABS for component is different, different water absorption and the performance of the adhesive water, its surface adhesion and bibulous rate was 0.2% ~ 0.2% water, sometimes up to 0.3%Between 0.8% and 0.8%, in order to get the ideal product, dry the product before forming, so as to reduce the moisture content below 0.1%. Otherwise, there will be defects on the surface of the product, such as bubble silver wire