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Common Trouble Shooting In Injection Mold
Mar 11, 2019

The structure and processing quality of injection mold directly affect the quality and production efficiency of plastic parts. Injection mold production and plastic products production practice is the most common, the most common occurrence of some mold faults and their main reasons for analysis and elimination as follows

1. It is difficult to take off the material at the gate.

2. Guide column damage.

3, large mold, due to the different filling rate in each direction, as well as the impact of the weight of the mold when loading, dynamic, fixed mold migration.

4, dynamic template bending.

5. The jacking rod is bent, broken or leaking.

6. Poor cooling or water leakage in the waterway.

7, fixed distance tension mechanism failure

8. Change the length of the mold.

9, finally in the design and manufacture of mold, should be based on the quality of plastic parts requirements, the size of the batch, the requirements of the manufacturing period and other specific circumstances, can meet the requirements of products, in the mold structure and the most simple and reliable, easy to process, so that the cost is low, this is the most perfect mold.