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China's Injection Mold Development Prospects Are Very Good
Jul 03, 2018

With the rapid development of the injection mold industry, a new model based on the injection mold manufacturing in the information age. The production efficiency of the injection mold industry has been greatly improved, and the impact on the manufacturing industry has a milestone impact. Due to the organic combination of information and manufacturing information related to the manufacturing activities of injection molds, the traditional manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. This advantage has been greatly demonstrated and reflected in the information age. The modern manufacturing process can be regarded as the value-added process of the amount of information contained in raw materials, etc. The driving of industrial information flow will become the mainstream of manufacturing.

With the continuous development and expansion of the MEMS industry, the research on compact and accurate injection mold design and manufacturing technology has received widespread attention in recent years. Micro injection molding technology has great potential for development and development. This technology is commonly used in high-tech fields such as medical, telecommunications, computer, aviation, and aerospace. Due to the increasing miniaturization of medical and electronic devices, it is hoped that the parts can be made smaller and more refined. Micro-injection molding has many technical advantages, such as: the cost of injection molding can be reduced, and the cost of raw materials can be greatly reduced. With the continuous maturity and development of the molding theory and manufacturing method of micro injection molding and micro injection molding machines, it has become a dispute at home and abroad to find and develop raw materials suitable for the production of micro injection molding products and to develop corresponding testing equipment. The hotspot of phase research.

It is believed that with the development and progress of the industry, the injection mold industry will be more widely developed and applied, and the development prospects of injection molds are bright.