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Characteristics Of Modern Graphite Mould Manufacturing
Nov 10, 2018

Nowadays graphite mould design has been transformed from artificial experience to computer-aided design. Modern graphite mould enterprises widely use computer aided technology and artificial intelligence technology to make decisions. Simulation analysis and optimization design. At the same time, the application of database and computer network technology enables designers to share design data, information, resources and carry out cooperation on a larger scale, bringing the total level of modern graphite mould design to an unprecedented height

CAD/CAE/CAM technology is widely used to integrate the work of graphite mould design, computer analysis, production equipment, numerical control processing, inspection and testing, etc. The design data is directly transferred to each production department through the network database management system, greatly shortening the production cycle of graphite mould. In addition, the application of advanced manufacturing technologies such as computer simulation of the formation process, parallel engineering, rapid prototyping of artificial intelligence, and standardized and specialized production of graphite mould also play an important role in shortening the delivery period

The processing of modern graphite mould relies more on the high-precision and high-efficiency machine tools with higher automation. From rough machining of graphite mould, heat treatment to quality control and inspection of various finishing processes, the equipment must be complete and reasonable. Among them, the numerical control processing equipment occupies a large proportion to adapt to unit or small batch mold production. At the same time, nc machining equipment is also the basis of graphite mould CAD/CAE/CAM, which is helpful to realize automatic machining of graphite mould manufacturing