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Blow Bottle Mold Performance Is Beneficial To Plastic Bottle Production
Nov 09, 2018

Blow bottle mold is a very important part of plastic bottle blow molding, blow bottle mold performance improvement for the entire plastic bottle industry is very far-reaching. Today we are going to talk about what can improve the performance of the blow-bottle mold

First of all, the production of bottle mold is made of steel. We all know that steel cost is very high. In order to blow a new bottle, a manufacturer needs to make a new bottle mold, which usually costs a lot. If cheaper materials can be found for the blown bottle mold making, this will greatly reduce the production cost of plastic bottles. Secondly, the life of the blow-bottle mold, the blow-bottle mold needs to be blown under the high temperature environment. Therefore, the production life cycle of many blow-bottle molds is not long, and extending the use cycle of the blow-bottle molds is also an effective way to reduce the cost. Finally, the production efficiency of the bottle blowing mold and the multi-cavity per mold can effectively improve the efficiency of the bottle blowing, but how to achieve more cavity per mold in the limited space of the bottle blowing machine is a very challenging problem

In conclusion, the current production technology of blow-bottle mould has reached a high level, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Improving the performance of any of the blow bottle moulds greatly improves the production of plastic bottles