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Bending Mould Viscous Factors And Solution
Sep 04, 2018

Because the injection pressure mould is how much pressure die swell a bit, if it is in the mold to restore to its original state, but in fact, the pressure inside the mold still maintain a high state of cooling solidification, make products mould when restorable reaction in the mould with great force, make the mould have to open a little and viscous bending mould is how to return a responsibility? The viscous bending of molds may be caused by two major factors: 1. 2. Expansion and bulging solutions of injection pressure molds: Manage instant: correlation of pressure, should be set above the value of the long-term don't rise to: set the grooves, forcing adjustment for the mould during test is easy to occur in the mold on the attached dial gauge, while monitoring the slow increase injection pressure, in this way is better to produce viscous expansion mould, unloaded decomposition from injection machine, heating method makes products used to soften after get off due to the lack of rigidity of mould, from the outside with plywood for improved clamping