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Analysis Of Plastic Mould Industry
Nov 27, 2018

Up to now, the level of mold production technology has become one of the important marks to measure the level of a country's product manufacturing, because mold largely determines the product quality, efficiency and the ability to develop new products.

China's plastic mold industry and its development needs and foreign advanced level compared to the problems to be faced. Unbalanced development, the overall level of products is low. Although the products of some enterprises have reached a high level and some products of some enterprises have reached or are close to the international level, in general, the precision of the mold, roughness of the mold surface, production cycle, life and other indicators are still far behind the advanced level of foreign countries. The overall level, including the mode of production and enterprise management, is more than 10 years behind that of the industrialized countries abroad.

Backward technology and equipment, poor organization and coordination. Although some enterprises have advanced technology and equipment after technological transformation in recent years, most of them still lag behind. What's more, our enterprise organization and coordination ability is poor, difficult to integrate well or mobilize social resources for our use, thus difficult to undertake relatively large projects

Most enterprises are weak in development. On the one hand, the proportion of technical personnel is low and the level is not high enough; on the other hand, the investment in scientific research and development is low. Management lags even more than technology. Backward technology is often easy to see, and backward management is sometimes hard to realize. The gap in the management of domestic and foreign mold enterprises is very obvious, and the problems caused by the gap in management are often more serious than the gap in technology.

The market demand is strong, the production development is difficult to catch up for a while, the supply and demand contradiction is difficult to solve for a while, the situation of short supply will continue for a while, especially in the middle and high-end products, the contradiction is more prominent. It will take time for the system and talent problems to be resolved. In the socialist market economy and in the process of economic globalization, competitive industries, especially those that rely on special users and require single-piece production, such as moulds, are still difficult to adapt to the changing market. The number and quality of talents cannot keep up with the rapid development of the industry. While efforts are being made across the region to resolve both issues, it will take time to get a better resolution.

Due to the good macro environment both at home and abroad, all major user industries of plastic mould in China will continue to develop at a relatively fast speed. The main existing problems will be gradually solved through exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, joint efforts of the whole industry and common support from various aspects.

It is understood that in 2007, China's plastic mold sales about 36.5 billion yuan. Large mould car bumper, dashboard, large screen color TV, the large capacity washing machine and other plastic parts mold precision mould, such as CD, guide plate, mobile phones, audio and video equipment, small module gear, light such as plastic mold such as complex mould multi-color injection molding, multi-layer injection, low pressure injection molding, bring a difference, and a mould transfer, steam injection, and the gas assisted injection molding and other plastic mould of hot flow path multi-cavity mold plastic mold, plastic packaging mold such as high-speed mold plastic profile extrusion die, including double cavity, double color, double co-extrusion die material