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3D Printing Mold Industry Is In Great Demand
Aug 22, 2018

3 d printing enterprise aimed at the dongguan famous 3 d printing equipment manufacturing business zhuhai west tong electronic co., LTD will launch in dongguan, the company 60% of customers in dongguan, focused on the industrial level of mould industry is a 3 d printer industry Bai Fu beauty, high technical material requirements conference, to a lot of supporting supplier and application of 3 d industry, they like industry, prospects but as south China university of technology professor liu bin, the price of the main pain points in the development of printed materials and released in dongguan two versionsRecently new product release, the company released two industrial 3 D printers: SLA (light curing molding process) industrial light solid change 3 D printing machine riverbase, SLM constituency (laser molten metal 3 D printing) industrial metals w alnut organizers 3 D printers, which is China's first use riveros metal 3 D printers of the operating system, operating system is equivalent to the brain of a 3 D printer, and riveros is from west through research and development of the first domestic independent intellectual property rights point light scanning 3 D printing operating systemDongguan is foundry town around the world, but also domestic the most developed city, 3 d printing industrial application access the release for new industrial 3 d printers will promote the region from the traditional manufacturing 4.0 transition to an industrial company, head of the public He Siyi explanation, choose the reason of the conference held in dongguan, is take a fancy to dongguan market potential In 2011, the company focused on the desktop level 3 d printing, earlier this year into the industrial level 3 d printingCompany officials Yang Xiaoting introduces, at present, the company 60% of customers in dongguan, concentrated in the mold industry, compared with conventional investment casting, the efficiency of 3 d printing is higher, the product integration synthesis, used for complex products, biological medicine culture creativity of aeronautics and astronautics areas such as a machine more than 30, ten thousand yuan, depending on the business, if the enterprise business good, in fact that can recover the cost of a factory is specialized in printing business needs more than 50 sets of equipment, and ordinary manufacturers, need to 2 to 3 sets of equipment has to be imported metal powder, raw material development to break through the industrial level of 3 d printing technologyMaterial requirement is high, entry barriers are much higher than the desktop level 3 d printing, and the current industry (mainly in the printing cost is high, including equipment materials and other costs South China university of technology professor liu in the metal in the application of 3 d printing technology in the mold industry, 3 d is a supplement to the traditional casting, now actually market technical indicators can meet the production, equipment is too expensive In addition, according to what he has done, the whole nation to do 3 d printing of metal powder manufacturer for 40 to 50, but most of the focus in the field of medical treatment, and specializes in steel powder is less, so the development of raw materials is also pain pointsYang xiaoting said that at present, the industry has realized the localization of resin materials, while the metal powder still needs to be imported. In her opinion, the greater bottleneck is the breakthrough of materials